Friday, August 10

scrabble tile love

I'm super lucky to say that I have some amazing friends! Some new, some I've known for years. A few I see regularly, most I'd like to see more.  My friend Annie has been around for ages.  Her and I used to bead for hours afterschool together, and ultimately started our very first jewelry business (Frisky and Flash).  She inspired me to be more creative, to take risks, and taught me to love art. All these years later and a few states apart we remain friends.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to not only get to visit with her over dinner, but I also was given an amazing present.  Something that few others would really appreciate, yet to me they are tiny treasures! That's right, a zip lock bag of vintage MINI scrabble tiles! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO freaking exciting! She found them while searching for vintage treasures one day, and although the board was tattered and torn she knew she couldn't pass them up!

What did I do with them?  Add them to my charm necklace of coarse! On the left is my current daily necklace I'm wearing.  I wrapped all 4 sides in bezel wire leaving the back and front exposed. SO IN LOVE!  I have a big bag of these so I'm thinking I'll start offering them in my shop as well!


Who doesn't love them?!

Thank you again Annie! They are so awesome!

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