Friday, July 19


Ever since I made the copper riveted bangles I've been wearing them. I NEVER take them off I love them so much! They are the perfect mix of organic shapes and sparkle that they go with everything.

Recently, I've wanted something more to match with them, so I came up with these amazing hoop earings. They are slightly egg shaped, and intentionally slightly different in size and shape from each other. They largest one measures 2 1/4" x 2 1/2" They are super light weight, and make a statement without being too bold.

Get yours here!

Wednesday, July 17

Summer Fun

For most of you that follow me, you know that I've been working hard to build the jewelry business. One of the things I've been most looking forward too, and one of the biggest benefits that working at your own business from home is flexibility.  With the business booming, I've had the opportunity to quit my day job, and keep this little boy home during this summer.

I'm happy to report that Kaleb is having the summer of his life! We spend our days together having fun, doing or going wherever we feel like, having play dates, swimming like fish and just enjoying each other. I have never felt more bonded to him than I do right now.

You might ask how I've been able to keep up with him and work? Luckily enough, the summer jewelry season tends to be a little slower anyways, but mostly it's taken a LOT of strict planning. We both have a mutual understanding of when I'm working and when I'm not. By scheduling my work time with him (very Super Nanny of me!) there is no confusion, and therefore little frustration between the two of us. We focus on each other during our play times, and then I can focus on work when it's time because I know I'm not ignoring him. 

Here's what our days look like:

*I get up early around 5:30, coffee and emails. I get quiet work time until about 9:30.
*Kaleb gets up around 7:30 these days, watches a few cartoons, makes himself breakfast, and busies himself till 9:30.
*At 9:30 we both stop what we are doing and work on our chores. Kaleb has a HUGE chore list this summer. I'm pretty proud of the work he's accomplishing these days. (Remember he's only 5!) His list includes things like making his bed, cleaning his room, cleaning his toy area, getting the mail, dusting, throwing the ball for the dogs, and unloading the dishwasher
*After we're done we head to 10:30 swim lessons
*When we get home, he's usually a little worn out, gets himself a snack and rests for a little while. This gives me time to finish any chores, emails, or work I have from the morning
*Then around noon, we eat lunch together.
*After lunch is our together time. We do whatever we want. Go to the park, visit grandma, have friends over, but mostly we swim.
*I give us till about 3:30 to play together. Then we're both beat! We need resting, quiet time, and I usually sneak back into the studio for a little more work.
Shortly after, Dad comes home or it's dinner time and we do the family thing till the evening.
I usually work in the evening when he's busy with Dad or after bedtime.

I also have planned some "catch-up" times for myself. For example, this week he has Lego Camp in the afternoons. Which gives me a little break, and time to catch up on stuff (like BLOGGING!)

All in all, the summer is going much better than I expected (I was quite nervous about how I would get any work done going into it). I know a lot of you out there are trying to work from home with kids in the mix too or you are a SAHM, and have tasks  you need to fit in as well. Hopefully my summer schedule helps you find your perfect balance too! No matter what, when spending time at home, remember there will always be more work. There will never again be this time to spend with your children. Keep what is most important with you at all times. If I fail at anything, I'd much rather it be not getting enough work done, than not spending enough time with him.