Friday, July 29

Friday Favorites...

It's that time again!  I have some great Etsy finds this week!  Enjoy!

Thursday, July 28


Oh my goodness... This is so on my To-Do list... What a great idea for your home or as a gift! 

Hypertufa is a type of cement mixture that is lightweight and mimics stone.  Is created by mixing Portland cement with perlite. 

Follow the link below for step by step directions!

Monday, July 25

Zen Moments...

After a crazy few weeks, I feel the need for some calming moments in my life. Thought you might be in the same boat!  Take the time to relax, enjoy the following pictures, and breathe.

Friday, July 22

Friday Favorites...

It's that time again!  And since I missed the past couple weeks there have been some GREAT things stocking up in my Etsy Favorites!





Thursday, July 21

Dream Decor...

This is so my dream decor!  Simple walls with puches of bold colors from cluttered, yet organized kick-knacks and vintage findings.  YES PLEASE!  oh, and mid-century modern furniture, how you have my heart!

Wednesday, July 20


I ran across this crazy photography today, and had to share it with you.  It's called rooftopping.  The photographer climbs  out on the edges of skyscrapers, often dangles their legs over, and shoots away!  For someone afraid of heights, these images literally took my breath away! 

Saturday, July 16

Sunday, July 10


Hello!  Sorry I missed Friday's Favorites this week!  It's  been a crazy week, as we have family in town, and are prepping for our big family vacation... and when I say big, I mean a lot of us! 48 to be exact! :) And on that note this blog will be on vacation until Monday the 18th!  

But don't worry, while I am gone, Facebook friends are enjoying a great coupon! and when I get back there is lots happening!


Thursday, July 7

My Happy Place.

Everyone has to have one. A place they love to go, where nothing matters but what is in the moment.  A place where memories are made. Memories that you conjure up when you are stressed out in your normal life.  Memories and thoughts that calm you to the core.  My happy place... Cannon Beach, OR.

Saturday, July 2

Living Wall.

I have to admit... I'm a sucker for HGTV!  I saw this on an episode and had to have it.  I have always loved succulents. My mother had them all around the house since I was little.  This is definitely on my to-do list. 

Friday, July 1

Friday Favorites.

It's time again!  Here are my some of my Etsy favorites from this week.  Enjoy!