Monday, September 23


I'm so excited to finally be announcing this....
I've been wanting to offer something like this for a long time...
A way for you to have fun with your friends....
To share products you love...
To earn free jewelry....


Here's the gist:
You get a sample box of items shipped directly to you.
You hold a party, have your friends come to your house, work, or baby shower and show them the amazing stuff
You and your guests will also have access to a 2 hour online discussion session for help designing the items and custom listings
All the orders your guest place will be put towards your party total, and equal more free jewelry for YOU!

Spots are going to book up fast as we approach the Holiday season, so contact me to book yours today!

Want more details? Click here.

Monday, September 16

.... SERIOUSLY ....

OK, I know... you walk into the store these days, and you cringe when you see Christmas stuff already stacked up next to Halloween candy and costumes. I hate it too... I always think to myself, "Why on Earth, can't we celebrate one holiday at a time?!"

So please, don't judge this post! I'm really trying to do you a favor! The reality is that my Christmas rush starts in just about 1 month... yes ONE, ONE MONTH, 30 DAYS, also known as 4 weeks away!

Once the rush hits, I'm swamped, turnaround times get longer, and as much as I love custom requests, they just become harder to fit in! I'll always do my best to fit your orders in, and help as much as possible, but the "extra" is so much easier when the Christmas rush isn't in full swing. 

My point is, if you are thinking already that my jewelry would be the perfect gift for someone this coming holiday, I highly suggest you order sooner rather than later!!! Plus, if you order now, you'll relieve some of that holiday stress, and maybe it'll make you eat one less piece of pie. You'll thank me later, trust me!

Monday, September 2


It doesn't matter what we do: teachers, nurses, architects, moms, bus drivers, accountants, doctors, lawyers.  It doesn't matter when we work: nights or days, weekends or holidays.  It doesn't matter how much we make: $10.00 an hour or $100,000 a year.  It doesn't matter how we feel about it: love it or hate it, passionate about it or loath it. No it doesn't matter, we are all working hard. Day in and day out we are doing our best. We all deserve a break. Including YOU!!!!

So indulge yourself a little. You deserve it. And while you're at it, save some of that hard earned cash.

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