Monday, February 22


I'm starting to feel some stirring in my sits bones. For so long now my hands and mind limited my abilities, but 2015 brought such tremendous growth. Budding at at my tips, I'm ready for more. But like the plant primed to bloom, I've realized that I need more than just a deep desire to flower. There are elements that can help a girl get there, and tools I need to take it to the next level. I've discounted these lovely pieces to help fund some of the big purchases I feel coming around the corner. A rare chance to snag something lovely at a lower price. A gift to you for supporting and helping me shine my light a little brighter. 
I've discounted a hand full of items in the shop today, I'd love it if you took a moment to check it out. 
I can't thank you enough for all your support. 
Happy Monday friends.


Monday, February 8

Naturalist // A Shop Update

The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark. -- John Muir

Two Naturalist Bangles will be available. Both size med/small. 7 1/2" inner circumference and about 2 3/8" diameter.

One Ocean Jasper Drop Ring will Be available. US Size 5 1/2.

Spring is coming. I can feel it. My fingers are still mind numbingly cold, but the marrow in my bones is starting to twitch.

I'm excited for this next season. I love to take the winter to reflect, to learn and to make peace with the previous year. But with the sun warming the ground, those goals I've set look delicious and achievable. I feel like I have the energy of a pup, ready to take on this crazy world.

I can't believe how much I've learned in just a year. Looking back feels crazy. Crazy I've come so far, but also crazy grateful for all you've given me.

I don't want to waste any of it. I want to soak it all in and keep going. I want to show you what I have, and that you've invested your time and attention wisely.

I've got some serious goals this year. I'm so content with where the jewelry is headed and can't wait to produce more. It's falling out of my mind and hands quickly these days. My heart and head know where it's going, and I've learned to trust those instincts.

I've also taken the time to assess my flaws. Give recognition to them and address how I can do things better. 

Some of what I'm working on: 

WRITING: I struggle to find words. I've always been better at speaking with silver than letters. So I'm working on it, and until then I'll look to those that have them. That have already spoken how I'm feeling and what I think. I'm grateful that they can help me communicate while I find my own.

DRAWING: I'm also working on drawing and lettering. I think these are two key elements in any art form that can help with overall design. I've always been so-so at both. I bought a sketch book. I'm jotting words, but also sketching plants and things I find. 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Always, always, always, but more specifically I've never been good at photographing myself posing with jewelry. Those of you good at the jewelry selfie, I commend you! I've tried all sorts of things, timers, remotes.... but if you could see the outtakes I get, and the time I spend to get just one half decent shot of a piece... well then you'd really understand.

I've always toyed with the idea of hiring a model, but honestly that just feels really strange to me. It's like hiring someone to cast my pieces or getting an assistant.  Luckily my friend Emily has offered to help out when she can. She's a kick-ass outdoorsy, rock climbing, mama. 

I could go into all the details of our friendship, but I'll just tell you this one quick story of how we met. 

It was 1990. I was in Kindergarten. It was 1/2 way through the school year.

This little blond comes walking in with her mom. Her eyes full of tears. She was transferring to a new school, a new state, and a whole new life. She was scared and lonely.

As the teacher and her mom tried to console her, I walked up and introduced myself, and said "It's ok, you can be my friend."

Fast forward more than 2 decades and we still are. 

Shop update goes live on Tuesday 2/9 at 7pm PT here. 

I really hope you can make it!

♥ Carin