Friday, March 29

The Toothless Wonder

Well it's officially happened! He lost his first tooth! 

It's a huge deal around these parts. He got in the car after school yesterday and immediately told me it was wiggly.  He's been saying that for a few weeks now, but about different teeth. I thought he was just anxious to be like the rest of his friends. So yesterday when he said it loose, I was reluctant to believe it.

As soon as I saw it though, I knew it didn't have much time in there. It was SO wiggly!

He couldn't take his mind off of it, and was moving it back and forth the whole night.  He called everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, he knew and told them he had his first loose tooth! He was so excited.

I took one last shot of him with all his baby teeth yesterday evening.

By bath and bedtime I was sure it was coming out last night. I sent him to bed with a paper towel just in case.  He's normally so good about going right to sleep, but last night he kept getting up wanting to check it in the mirror or show Dave and I how wiggly it was.  He let both of us try and pull it briefly, but we didn't want to pull too hard and scare him, so we let him do it in his own time.

When he was watching his morning cartoons he came running over to me with it in his hand. He said that he had bit down on it, and his bottom teeth pushed it out!

He's super excited because now the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny have to come on the same night. He's sure that they've never met each other and they will be thrilled.  I also made the mistake of telling him that when I was a kid the Tooth Fairy brought me a Cabbage Patch Doll, so he's sure he's getting a toy and not just a silly old quarter! These teeth are going to break our bank!

On top of it all, today is class picture day! Such a rush!

Thursday, March 14

Listing Updates!

Well I started this business for a few reasons... all of them fun and inspiring. So I could stay home, do something I really enjoy... things like that.  I never said I wanted to quit my day job so I could update listings all day! It really might be the WORST part of it all, but hey every job has something, so I guess I'll quit complaining!

Listings are something that are never constant. There is always something that can be tweaked. New color pictures to be added, or wording that can be changed slightly.  I always have a running tab in my head of updates I'd love to make. But with over 300 listings in just the charm shop itself it's really an overwhelming task.

Anyways, I've been putting off really cleaning up my listings for awhile now, but as Mother's Day approaches it's closing in on the deadline.  I'm making adjustments on a few things...

REARRANGING:  I'm rearranging the layout of the items in the listing. I'm trying to put the things at the top that I get the most questions about, and also the parts of the information that are specific to the listing. By having the more generic information in one spot, when I go to edit the listings in the future this will save a ton of time.

RELATED ITEMS: I'm adding a section right up top with related items. For example on necklaces with standard font there will be a link to the same item with the upgrade to handwriting already included.  I know with over 300 listings it can be overwhelming to find what you need. I never mind answering questions or setting up custom listings, but by having this information in each listing I think it will help cut down on any frustration customers may have shopping.

HOW TO ORDER: Prior to this my "how to order" section was very generic and I tried to make it apply to each of the items. But with the addition of so many different add-ons not to mention things like the stacking birthstone rings not all the information is applicable. I'm hoping this cuts down on any confusion.


Sunday, March 10


Well Mother's Day is just around the corner. I'm doing a lot this year to get geared up for the busy time.  Things like pre-making metal charms, editing listings, and filling both shops to the brim!  I spent some time last week shipping out most of the unique one of a kind pieces I had in my Etsy shop to a new consignment shop in CA! Which means I have lots of spaces I need to work on filling in the Etsy shop.

My new favorite technique is Etching. It provides me with the opportunity to really mark the metal with any design I want without the high cost of a rolling mill and dies. It also allows a lot more flexibility with sizes and shapes. Plus with all the etching I've been doing, I've become a master at a technique that even highly trained metalsmiths have a hard time perfecting.

Here are a few of the pieces I've been working on. All inspired by nature and the beauty around us. Enjoy!

Available here

Available here

Available here

Available here

Thursday, March 7

A Boy and His Daddy

I'm sure this happens to everyone. I knew it was coming, but no matter how much I've thought about it there is just no preparing yourself for it. 

The deal is Dave is quickly becoming Kaleb's favorite.

Since the day that I got pregnant Kaleb has always needed me more. I've been his number one, but as he grows older I find that he's needing me less and less, and wanting Dave more and more.

I know it's not a competition. I know he'll always need his mother. I'm not here to be sad about losing my spot as number one (OK maybe a little), but just the transition itself is amazing to watch.

He used to care less if Daddy was home or at work, but now I can't go an hour without him asking for Daddy. 

We used to be able to go do special things together just the two of us, but now he wants to wait for Daddy.

I used to be able to answer all his questions, but now he tells me to call and ask Daddy.

We used to cuddle on the couch and watch cartoons, but now he just wants to watch Star Wars with Daddy.

I used to be able to play hours on end with him, but now he just wants to play rough with Daddy. 

I used to be the one to comfort him when he was scared, but now he asks for big strong "purple belt" Daddy.

It is what it is; life changes. I'm grateful that Kaleb has such an amazing Daddy to look up to and spend time with. I guess I need to find my new role in his life, in this family.

Saturday, March 2



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