Tuesday, June 28

Wedding Photo Booth.

Photo booths are all the rage at weddings now, and props are the center of attention.  Check out some of my favorite wedding photo booth props here... (they really make me want to re-do my wedding!)

Monday, June 27

Great Gift!

I am always looking for cute gift ideas for neighbors and friends. These days gift cards, and money are all too common! This quick bread in a bottle is a great idea to make in advance, and have a quick present on hand when needed! 

Friday, June 24

New Favorite DIY.

So I love good design, but I'm on a budget (I mean really who isn't these days!), and in all fairness I really like the feeling of accomplishment when I get my hands a little dirty.  

I ran across this great wall on apartment therapy.  I think it might be my next DIY for my kitchen or a great faux headboard idea.

A little fabric, some needle point frames, and Wha-La! 

Thursday, June 23

Friday Favorites

This will be a weekly feature... All the things I have added to my favorites this week! Enjoy!

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                     Find it here.
Find it here.

  Find it here.

See all of my favorites and add me to your etsy circle to follow them here.  Thanks for reading, and enjoy your weekend!

Carin Jones

White and Bright

Have you seen this house?  I am so into white, grey, super neutral walls with pops of BRIGHT color!  Hope enjoy! 

Wednesday, June 22

Things We Do in the Name of Family

Back of the shirt image

Front of the t-shirt image

We have a pending family vacation coming up in a few weeks, and decided to make t-shirts to mark the occasion...  this is the design in progress.

Tuesday, June 21


Check out my new interview at Heart Hand Made Blog! This blog is great for all those who love crafting themselves or just cherish hand made items!