Wednesday, November 25

Makers for Makers /// A Blog Feature

I'm so incredibly honored to be up on the Sea of Atlas blog today! An incredible space created for makers by makers. I deeply believe in the community aspect of this creative life, and hope my words help inspire others on their creative journey. Please go check out the Makers for Makers series here. 

Thursday, November 5

Reclamation // A shop update.

For those times when we feel undervalued and under appreciated.

May these nuggets of beauty remind you to reclaim your spirit.
Stay true to your bold, beautiful and unique self.
Orientate yourself towards positivity.
Seek a haven where you can shine just like you always knew you could.



From trash to treasure these surfite stones have found their haven.


More on those stunning special stones: 
Surfite is a brand spankin' new material! These are some of the very first ever pieces made with it. It is the resin and epoxy that has gathered after glazing surfboards. It was collected and cabbed by a lovely artist couple out of California!

It is a similar idea to Fordite, which is left over car paint that artists have been cabbing for years. This is so much prettier though! The coloring for one is spectacular. Bright glittery pinks, olive greens and bold blues. The clear portions of the resin allow the back of the sterling silver setting to shine through.

Available on 5/11/15 at 1pm PST at