Sunday, February 26

Date Night....

Today was a weird day. I was met with a ton of great support, but while working on new items for the revamped Jonesing for Jewelry site, I just felt like nothing was going right. First my torch finally gave out and had to be replaced, then I ran out of fuel, it just went on and on from there. Over the years, I have found when things just aren't working, I have to step away and take a break.

So... we had a date night!  We rarely get this opportunity, but luckily enough my parents were graciously keeping Kaleb for the night.

It started at sushi.  When I first met Dave, the only fish he had eaten was good old Gordon's fish sticks.  After much convincing he tried sushi, and now I can't keep him away from it! This time we tried a new place, and it was SOOOOO good! As always we ordered way too much and stuffed ourselves! I got this great fortune in my cookie, and I thought about how I should be home working more on the new items! ;)

The new joint had super speedy service and so we ended up having a ton of time to kill before our movie.  We did a little shopping at a local discount store, and found this awesome candle holder... I had to have it! (I'm collecting fabulous things for my one day fabulous house!)

Then we went and saw Wanderlust.  I am a fan of the romantic comedies, AKA RO-CO's.  I joke (in a very serious manner) that I only watch movies with love actually in the title or smeared all over the description on the back. I have been laughing at all the Wanderlust previews over the past few weeks, and was so excited to find out that it was out.  For those of you wondering, it was a decent movie, but the previews I had already seen were pretty much the funniest parts, that's always a little depressing.

All in all, I came home refreshed and energized.  Can't wait to put in some more work tomorrow!

Good night!

Tuesday, February 21

Grandmother's Cold Remedy?!

So I have been out sick for most of the day.  Really I started feeling it yesterday morning, and just could not shake it.  You know you don't feel good, when you take a really good nap, and wake up feeling worse than you did before! 

My personal remedy for colds (beside lots of rest, bad daytime t.v., and good old fashioned tomato soup) is this:

I ignore the directions on the back, and mix it with just a few ounces of water (I prefer to be able to take it down in a shot, than drink it slowly.)  It's the best tasting one out there (P.S. don't be fooled by the raspberry or other flavors it comes in. Tangerine is the only way to go!), and although it might not cure your cold completely, definitely makes it go away faster and the symptoms less severe.

Saturday, February 18

Kaleb-ism #32

Kaleb has a little handheld Leapster video game. Just in the past month or so has really started to enjoy playing it, and can play the games without too much help. This weekend he got a new game.... Tangled based on the Disney movie about Rapunzel.

At one point he has to move letters around to spell basic words. First he gets to saw, and he says, "saw, like you are sawing something in half or like you saw something before."

I of coarse swoon at how smart he is. Then he gets to over, and he says,"over, like I am over something because I don't want to do it or over like I'm on top of something." well I know what I am over....

... The cuteness if that little boy!!!!!

Tuesday, February 14

Kaleb-ism #26...

Kaleb: "Mom, is it a good thing to help people?"

                      Mom: "Yes of coarse it is.

"Kaleb: "Well then I need you to help me find my horse." 

-  Aw Jeez! How am I supposed to teach him when he's already 
smarter than me?!

Monday, February 13


I have always loved animals. Always felt a connection, wanted to care for them, and was deeply concerned for their well-being.

In college, I studied zoology, in hopes of following these dreams. I spent the last 8 years working hard trying to make those dreams a reality. I was fortunate enough to work with some of the most amazing animals, but unfortunately the field is very competative, and there came a point I had to really analyze my life and where I wanted to go.

I have been a creative soul all my life, but just over the past 4 years or so realized that it could be a viable option for me, and really a much better fit for the lifestyle I hope live than anything that I had come across  before. Maybe it took a little more maturing to be able self analyze this way, maybe I just never believed I could do it, whatever it was, I'm ready to take the plunge.

So yesterday, was my last day working for the zoo. I said goodbye to some of my favorite animals in hopes that in my spare time I can really push towards being a full time metalsmith. It's very bittersweet to me, although I have changed, and know that the path I am going down is the right choice, saying goodbye to a dream I have held onto for so long stings a little. It's also scary to think I have given up on something I worked so hard for, and traded it for something that I can only pray works out in the long run. Running your own business, learning the ins and outs, and riding this economy....

With all of that, I thank YOU for getting me to this place. For showing me my dreams are possible, and for supporting me along the way. 

Saturday, February 11

If you won $325 Million?!

... Power ball's jackpot tonight? $325 Million.  

... Makes you think, "What would I do if I won?"

... Beyond the basics, hire a lawyer, an accountant, pay off your bills, I would....

... buy a moderate sized home, help out family, give to charities that I hold close to my heart, buy a small vacation condo in Cannon Beach, Oregon....

... and then continue doing what I do, continue to work on the jewelry business, continue to care for animals in need... 

... Dave and I have always believed that you should be doing what you love. If you say you'd quit your job when money is no object, are you really doing what you love? If you aren't doing what you love, if you aren't fulfilled, isn't it time to make a change? Life's too short to not follow your dreams.

Just some food for thought. Hope it inspires you to follow your heart.

Dream style....

Someone asked me the other day, if I could build any style house, what would it be? (this is really an unattainable thought at this point in my life, but what does it hurt to dream right?)

Really, the answer is simple for me, I wouldn't build. I like history, maybe not the maintenance issues historical houses can come with, but at least the character. I like to come into a home knowing the people  before me loved it. They raised their families their, that the house protected them for all those years, and they lovingly allowed me the  opportunity to live in it. In a way house Karma, that I hope to one day be a part of.

With that said, I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, have left several times, and I always come running back.  Partly I have such a big family, they have their own gravitational pull, none of us seem to be able to leave for long.  But a lot of it is the beauty, the climate, the greenery, the mountains, the ocean, the air... I LOVE IT ALL! Plus the architecture is fabulous.

My favorite style is the Craftsman. You can see it everywhere in the PNW each a little different, all similar, ALL I LOVE!  If you could have any dream house what would it be?

Here's a few inspirational pictures...

Wednesday, February 8

A modern family's schedule...

No this is not a picture of my schedule, but it may as well be!

But something happened yesterday that really made me stop and think... is it all worth it?

Kaleb woke up whinier than ever, and did not stop crying for 2 hours! It was that sort of uncontrollable crying, hystarical crying that just makes you want to do ANYTHING to get him to stop.  It took him awhile to verbalize that he just didn't want to go to school.  This worried me for so many reasons, I was convinced there had to be something major going on at school that would cause him to be so upset.  The interrogating only caused more crying, so I finally told him he could have a special day and stay with his great-grandparents for the day (thank goodness for family close by!)

After a day of listening to his answers about why he was so upset, Dave and I finally came to the conclusion that he just needed a break, a day to rest, do nothing.  These days are so important for everyone to take. Including adults, but especially kids, and in the modern day it's just not as possible.

I know we do MORE than the average family with starting the jewelry business etc., but honestly I don't think we are that far off from the norm. When did we start putting so much emphasis on doing everything, and doing everything to such extremes, that we forgot to stop and take care of ourselves. And how do we do this? Dave and I are both on board for taking resting days, but I honestly don't know it's possible. We have commitments, jobs, places we need to be.

How do we slow down?

Monday, February 6

He has a 6th sense...

... it's called "the mommy got up" sense... ok so Kaleb's  normal routine is to sleep in his bed for a majority of the night. Dave leaves for work at about 5:30 and kisses each of us goodbye. Kaleb thinks that's his signal to get his morning chocholate milk and then move to Mommy and Daddy's bed. When I get up he is usually snoring loudly, but no matter how quiet I am, he is up within 5 minutes.  It's like he knows I'm  not there.  Well, last night was a doozie! Here goes....

8:00 p.m. Kaleb bedtime <--- he did NOT go down easy to say the least
8:50 p.m. Kaleb if finally staying in his bed, I am worn out so I go lay down
9:00 p.m. Kaleb opens his door to his room, and says...

 "Mommy, I don't hear you working. Are you in your bed?" 
"Yes I am."
"Can I come in there?"
 "I only sleep in my bed until you go to bed, then I can come in there."
I am so done fighting at this point, he makes his way to our bed. I think we're good for the night.

9:15 to 10:00 everyone trying to get comfortable <--- FYI a queen size bed is too small for 2 1/2 people.
10ish... everyone is asleep.
11:00 I wake up to the dogs scratching to go out.
11:15 I try and lay back down. <--- P.S. I get the middle spot. Getting in and out when you are sleepy is NO easy task
1:00 I can't get comfortable. Both boys are snoring, 2 1/2 people and now 2 dogs are trying to fit in a queen. I give up and move to the recliner.
1:15 I can't sleep in the recliner, I did miss this week's Teen Mom 2 <--- so glad it's OnDemand
1:30 Kaleb get's up <-- because he knows I'm not there... dang that 6th sense.
1:50 I get Kaleb settled in his bed after a drink of water and some convincing.
2:00 I can't leave Teen Mom 2 part way in, must finish eventhough my bed now has a perfectly good spot for me.
2:45 Ah... finally, my bed with just me and Dave
3:00 Kaleb moves to our bed <--- SERIOUSLY?! Ugh!
3:30 I move to Kaleb's  bed <--- Poor guy, I never realized how uncomfortable it is!
4:00 Kaleb move's to his bed! <---- I love him, but jeez just get away from me already! I'm tired!
5:15 Dave's alarm goes off and he won't shut it off
5:20 I get up and wake up Dave, and move to my bed <--- currently only has ME in it!
5:25 Kaleb comes in asking to put his spiderman costume on, and yes then gets in my bed.
7:00 I get up <--- I had to sleep in a little, I just had to!
7:05 Kaleb's 6th sense kicks in again... you know what happens

.... needless to say, I'm tired, and TONIGHT we are setting some stricter bed Mommy and Daddy bed rules.

Friday, February 3

Friday Favorites...

heeeelllloooooo !!!!!!
Friday Favorites are awesome! A great way to find great stuff on Etsy, or just to inspire your day!

Have a great Friday!