Tuesday, February 21

Grandmother's Cold Remedy?!

So I have been out sick for most of the day.  Really I started feeling it yesterday morning, and just could not shake it.  You know you don't feel good, when you take a really good nap, and wake up feeling worse than you did before! 

My personal remedy for colds (beside lots of rest, bad daytime t.v., and good old fashioned tomato soup) is this:

I ignore the directions on the back, and mix it with just a few ounces of water (I prefer to be able to take it down in a shot, than drink it slowly.)  It's the best tasting one out there (P.S. don't be fooled by the raspberry or other flavors it comes in. Tangerine is the only way to go!), and although it might not cure your cold completely, definitely makes it go away faster and the symptoms less severe.

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