Wednesday, February 8

A modern family's schedule...

No this is not a picture of my schedule, but it may as well be!

But something happened yesterday that really made me stop and think... is it all worth it?

Kaleb woke up whinier than ever, and did not stop crying for 2 hours! It was that sort of uncontrollable crying, hystarical crying that just makes you want to do ANYTHING to get him to stop.  It took him awhile to verbalize that he just didn't want to go to school.  This worried me for so many reasons, I was convinced there had to be something major going on at school that would cause him to be so upset.  The interrogating only caused more crying, so I finally told him he could have a special day and stay with his great-grandparents for the day (thank goodness for family close by!)

After a day of listening to his answers about why he was so upset, Dave and I finally came to the conclusion that he just needed a break, a day to rest, do nothing.  These days are so important for everyone to take. Including adults, but especially kids, and in the modern day it's just not as possible.

I know we do MORE than the average family with starting the jewelry business etc., but honestly I don't think we are that far off from the norm. When did we start putting so much emphasis on doing everything, and doing everything to such extremes, that we forgot to stop and take care of ourselves. And how do we do this? Dave and I are both on board for taking resting days, but I honestly don't know it's possible. We have commitments, jobs, places we need to be.

How do we slow down?

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