Saturday, March 31


Every morning, without fail, Kaleb slides out of his bed, half awake, stumbles into our room, and with his eyes still closed manages to ask permission to get a chocolate milk. With all the lights out in the house he makes his way to our stash of them, gets the straw out of the wrapping and gets it open. (For you moms out there, I am sure you know what a feat this is, as they are hard for me to do when I am wide awake!)  He immediately gulps it down. In fact I’m sure if there was a chocolate milk drinking contest he would blow the competition out of the water. Then he climbs into my bed and cuddles me until it’s time to wake up.

I am still unsure of how the addiction started, but somehow they have become his obsession.  I joke that it’s like his morning coffee, and just like a true coffee addict, without his morning milk his day is RUINED! In fact he has trained me to ensure that he has a supply of chocolate milk at all times. A few days ago I noticed that our stock was a little low, and immediately sent Dave to Costco to buy it in bulk, and I am seriously considering buying stock in it!  

He is so cute gulping it down, I just can’t get enough of him! I wonder if he’ll ever grow out of this chocolate milk obsession or if he’ll drink it into his 80’s?

Thursday, March 29


Easter is almost here! Here are some inexpensive ways to make this year extra special!

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Wednesday, March 28


My sister came to visit this past week (hence my little vacation and time off from Facebook). Although we are several years apart, we were very close growing up.  To my dismay she moved to Houston after she got married, and now lives there with her husband and 3 kids. Luckily, she gets to visit a couple times a year, and we make our way down there every now and again. 

This time she brought her two boys up to visit.  Alonzo is just a little older than Kaleb, and Adrian is just a little younger.  It makes for some very exciting (and tiring times!) We did a TON of things. So many that I would hate to bore you with listing them here.  But one of the many things we did was take the Alonzo and Kaleb to the local indoor rock climbing facility for a private lesson! How spoiled are they?!

It’s not far from our house, and although I have been eyeing it, I had never had a chance to get in and check it out.  Thanks to Papa we got it all worked out so they could go.  Man did they have a blast! I was super thankful for a great, kid friendly instructor, Patrick.  He introduced himself as “Patrick Starfish,” and I immediately knew he would be fantastic!

Here are some shots of them climbing on the shorter walls.  I was too nervous when they were on the tall walls (they are over 2 stories high!) to be snapping shots.  Kaleb is already talking about going back.


Some days I'm happy with the idea of getting to a place where I can do jewelry full time from my small home studio.  To have the freedom to pick up my son after school, take him to doctors appointments, and accompanying him on field trips.

Other days I dream of having my own shop.  Where I have a little studio and a small retail space to display my jewelry.  To have the great pleasure of working with customers in person.  I even have started a little pin board with what it would look like. Exposed brick walls, custom made photo wall paper, industrial pipes for shelving, and LOTS of natural light!

I think about not having the freedom to work whenever the mood strikes me (like 3 am when I can't sleep because I have too many ideas running through my head!), and having to hold "shop hours."  So of coarse this little shop of mine would have to be connected to our house!

Well, while driving around town today. I found an amazing spot!  Great neighborhood, mostly residential, but also some small retail spots, next to the BEST little cafe in town that serves the most amazing organic salads, just the right size, and just a mile or so from the local University (I heart college towns, so many fresh ideas!) It might not look like a dream to you, but to me it's stunning!

Of coarse the timing is all wrong, it would need a ton of work to get it into living quarters, and I'm seriously not sure that  you could ever rid the walls of the smell of bronzer....

... but man does the thought of having my own store make me want to work that much harder!

Tuesday, March 27


I have always wanted a beautiful website. I just never thought it could be this beautiful!

Just after I opened J4JCharms in October of 2011, I realized it was time to re-do the website.  I wanted to make a site that was a central location and would not only link customers to both Etsy sites, but also be a place for followers to get the most up to date information from Jonesing for Jewelry. 

Once I decided that it was time to revamp the shop, I knew exactly who I would go to.  I found Freckled Nest over a year ago, and loved every design that they did!  I contacted them and soon was in touch with  my designer, Mervi,  and felt immediately excited and inpsired by her ideas!  She clearly is so great at what she does, because she made this amazing site!

I don't know what my favorite part about the site is... the vintage birds, the beautiful colors, or the great links to all my stuff! Feel free to look around, stay awhile, click away!

P.S.  Thank you Mervi, Kayce, and the FND team for offering such a beautiful product and giving them exactly what I wanted!

Tuesday, March 13

What is a Vegan Anyways?

WHOA it's been SOOOO long since I posted.  I actually started a few posts for you, and never got around to finishing them! If you follow me on Facebook you'll see I've been very busy.  Actually if there was a stronger word for very I would be using it in this case! 

I'm basically starting the Jonesing for Jewelry shop from scratch. This is really my 3rd attempt at this shop, but each time it grows and gets better.  This time I really think I have it! I'm also retaking all the pictures in the J4JCharms shop.  Let me just say that the first time around that I did this it took me about a month of pictures and editing and posting... I have about a week to get it all done!!!!!!!!!  Not to mention revamping the whole look of all the shops and a brand new site coming soon!

So with all this going on, it's no wonder that I have been exhaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuusted. Not only have I been exhausted, but I have been neglecting my mental and physical health. 

So last week, I went to the chiropractor. My back has been killing me as I honestly don't have the best bench set up, but the sacrifices I'm making now, I'm sure will payoff in the long run, right?!  I'm addicted to the chiropractor now! It has not only made my back feel better, but my allergies are less sensitive, I'm having fewer headaches, and more energy! I suppose all those nerves really do need to fire on all cylinders!

I've also been ignoring a healthy diet for too long now! I don't believe in dieting, but rather just healthy eating habits.  I'm a vegetarian (ok pescatarian, aka I eat seafood), however this is easy to do unhealthy! Carbs, chips, whatever! Recently I've just been grabbing whatever it is that I can get into my tummy fastest, and getting back to work!

But this weekend I attempted to turn over a new leaf. It's something I've been thinking of doing for awhile now, but without serious commitment wasn't something I was sure I would keep with.  VEGAN! I know this lifestyle choice isn't for everyone, but for me it's going to be a perfect fit! Really, I'm not only trying to cut out meat, but most processed foods. I'm trying to be realistic, easing in, not cutting out every last drop  of dairy, but I am attempting to eat healthier.  Kale chips, salads, vegan sushi. I'm hoping that all of this will help my health both metally and physically.  We all know you are what you eat!

If you have any great FAST vegan recipies, tips or any helpful motivational tips PLEASE send them my way! I'm 3 days in and already feeling like I'll need help!