Wednesday, March 28


Some days I'm happy with the idea of getting to a place where I can do jewelry full time from my small home studio.  To have the freedom to pick up my son after school, take him to doctors appointments, and accompanying him on field trips.

Other days I dream of having my own shop.  Where I have a little studio and a small retail space to display my jewelry.  To have the great pleasure of working with customers in person.  I even have started a little pin board with what it would look like. Exposed brick walls, custom made photo wall paper, industrial pipes for shelving, and LOTS of natural light!

I think about not having the freedom to work whenever the mood strikes me (like 3 am when I can't sleep because I have too many ideas running through my head!), and having to hold "shop hours."  So of coarse this little shop of mine would have to be connected to our house!

Well, while driving around town today. I found an amazing spot!  Great neighborhood, mostly residential, but also some small retail spots, next to the BEST little cafe in town that serves the most amazing organic salads, just the right size, and just a mile or so from the local University (I heart college towns, so many fresh ideas!) It might not look like a dream to you, but to me it's stunning!

Of coarse the timing is all wrong, it would need a ton of work to get it into living quarters, and I'm seriously not sure that  you could ever rid the walls of the smell of bronzer....

... but man does the thought of having my own store make me want to work that much harder!

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LuvCherie said...

I just saw this pipe shelf in an Etsy email and remembered that you mentioned wanting something like it for your future store. I thought you might be interested to know it does exist in Etsyland. If nothing else it's could be good for a pin. :)