Saturday, March 31


Every morning, without fail, Kaleb slides out of his bed, half awake, stumbles into our room, and with his eyes still closed manages to ask permission to get a chocolate milk. With all the lights out in the house he makes his way to our stash of them, gets the straw out of the wrapping and gets it open. (For you moms out there, I am sure you know what a feat this is, as they are hard for me to do when I am wide awake!)  He immediately gulps it down. In fact I’m sure if there was a chocolate milk drinking contest he would blow the competition out of the water. Then he climbs into my bed and cuddles me until it’s time to wake up.

I am still unsure of how the addiction started, but somehow they have become his obsession.  I joke that it’s like his morning coffee, and just like a true coffee addict, without his morning milk his day is RUINED! In fact he has trained me to ensure that he has a supply of chocolate milk at all times. A few days ago I noticed that our stock was a little low, and immediately sent Dave to Costco to buy it in bulk, and I am seriously considering buying stock in it!  

He is so cute gulping it down, I just can’t get enough of him! I wonder if he’ll ever grow out of this chocolate milk obsession or if he’ll drink it into his 80’s?

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Aurora said...

Gunnar is the same way! We've been working really hard to kick his chocolate milk addiction and get him to drink more water, but it's so hard! If he had an IV of chocolate milk hooked up, he'd be good to go all the time. Silly kids!