Wednesday, March 28


My sister came to visit this past week (hence my little vacation and time off from Facebook). Although we are several years apart, we were very close growing up.  To my dismay she moved to Houston after she got married, and now lives there with her husband and 3 kids. Luckily, she gets to visit a couple times a year, and we make our way down there every now and again. 

This time she brought her two boys up to visit.  Alonzo is just a little older than Kaleb, and Adrian is just a little younger.  It makes for some very exciting (and tiring times!) We did a TON of things. So many that I would hate to bore you with listing them here.  But one of the many things we did was take the Alonzo and Kaleb to the local indoor rock climbing facility for a private lesson! How spoiled are they?!

It’s not far from our house, and although I have been eyeing it, I had never had a chance to get in and check it out.  Thanks to Papa we got it all worked out so they could go.  Man did they have a blast! I was super thankful for a great, kid friendly instructor, Patrick.  He introduced himself as “Patrick Starfish,” and I immediately knew he would be fantastic!

Here are some shots of them climbing on the shorter walls.  I was too nervous when they were on the tall walls (they are over 2 stories high!) to be snapping shots.  Kaleb is already talking about going back.

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Debbie Pereira said...

We are still upset we missed this first time adventure. Will be doing it again in July for sure.