Sunday, October 27

New Wedding Bands

I'm not going to lie. I'm horrible about my wedding ring.

Commit to one man, EASY

Commit to just one beautiful ring, TERRIFYING!

I just love them all so much, and with the ability to make new ones it's hard not to spoil myself every time I get a new idea.

This time, it was Dave mostly asking for a new ring. When we got married, I knew literally NOTHING about soldering. Now that I have 100's under my belt he wanted one of his very own. With him getting a new ring, it was OBVIOUS that I also needed another one!

So here's what I made us...

For mine, I had a 4 mm green tourmaline stone that I purchased a few years ago. It is an AMAZING olive green color, and I knew I wanted to save it for something extra special. It was perfect for this project because it's got a little sparkle, but is also really earthy and simple. It'll be great with jeans and a t-shirt, but it will also go nicely when I decide to rock the HUGE rings I normally have on.

For some reason the "until death" portion of traditional vows has always been really powerful to us. Some might find it depressing, but I find it so incredibly romantic. So against tradition, I stamped it around one side of the band.

Then I made a super thin and simple dotted band to act as the Wedding Ring portion. I love the little detail it adds to the piece. The texture is just incredible.

For Dave, he really loved the hammered look, so this is what I did....

I started with a really wide band, and hammered the heck out of it. I love all the little tool marks in it. It reminds me of all the items I've made with it previously; the love and work I put into them and into this ring.

Then of coarse I took the opportunity to stamp a little something on the inside of his ring. I had a little more room to work with, and so I fit the whole "Until death do us part" vow and our anniversary date.

I love how well they pair together, but also work so well apart. Very fitting of our relationship I think.

P.S. If you are interested in custom rings, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Wednesday, October 9

New Beauties

As fall begins, I find my self content to sip coffee and meditate on the earth around me.

I hope these new pieces may bring whatever it is you need in your life at this moment. Maybe it's peace, inspiration, or hope.

May they not just be beautiful items to adorn ourselves with, but may they remind us of who we strive to be. 

Peaceful beautiful creatures that have the ability to bring harmony and joy in a world of chaos.

May we have the ability to find beauty all around us. In the little things. 

And may our days be full of joy, happiness, hope, and most of all love. 

Monday, September 23


I'm so excited to finally be announcing this....
I've been wanting to offer something like this for a long time...
A way for you to have fun with your friends....
To share products you love...
To earn free jewelry....


Here's the gist:
You get a sample box of items shipped directly to you.
You hold a party, have your friends come to your house, work, or baby shower and show them the amazing stuff
You and your guests will also have access to a 2 hour online discussion session for help designing the items and custom listings
All the orders your guest place will be put towards your party total, and equal more free jewelry for YOU!

Spots are going to book up fast as we approach the Holiday season, so contact me to book yours today!

Want more details? Click here.

Monday, September 16

.... SERIOUSLY ....

OK, I know... you walk into the store these days, and you cringe when you see Christmas stuff already stacked up next to Halloween candy and costumes. I hate it too... I always think to myself, "Why on Earth, can't we celebrate one holiday at a time?!"

So please, don't judge this post! I'm really trying to do you a favor! The reality is that my Christmas rush starts in just about 1 month... yes ONE, ONE MONTH, 30 DAYS, also known as 4 weeks away!

Once the rush hits, I'm swamped, turnaround times get longer, and as much as I love custom requests, they just become harder to fit in! I'll always do my best to fit your orders in, and help as much as possible, but the "extra" is so much easier when the Christmas rush isn't in full swing. 

My point is, if you are thinking already that my jewelry would be the perfect gift for someone this coming holiday, I highly suggest you order sooner rather than later!!! Plus, if you order now, you'll relieve some of that holiday stress, and maybe it'll make you eat one less piece of pie. You'll thank me later, trust me!

Monday, September 2


It doesn't matter what we do: teachers, nurses, architects, moms, bus drivers, accountants, doctors, lawyers.  It doesn't matter when we work: nights or days, weekends or holidays.  It doesn't matter how much we make: $10.00 an hour or $100,000 a year.  It doesn't matter how we feel about it: love it or hate it, passionate about it or loath it. No it doesn't matter, we are all working hard. Day in and day out we are doing our best. We all deserve a break. Including YOU!!!!

So indulge yourself a little. You deserve it. And while you're at it, save some of that hard earned cash.

Coupon code is valid in any of my stores all day:

Get 30% off your entire order using coupon code: WORKISOVERRATED

Tuesday, August 27

Congratulations Annie and Andy

Photo Courtesy of Leila Navidi

It's official!!! One of my best friends tied the knot a few weekends ago!  

Annie and I met in middle school, and she is one of the biggest reasons that I am where I am today.  We have spent countless hours making jewelry together over the years. She has truly inpired me, and helped me realize I my creative capabilities. With all that said, I was incredibly honored to make her wedding jewelry.

We used the waterfall earrings and necklaces I offer in my shop regularly as the basis for her jewelry, but of coarse since it was such a big day, we kicked it up a few notches!

First we went gold to match the yellow coloring of her dress.  

Photo Courtesy of Leila Navidi

Then we used amazing little herkimer diamond stones to add a little sparkle and to make it extra special.  Lastly, we altered the shape and size to match the dress neckline. 

Photo Courtesy of Leila Navidi

Lastly, we added a stunning little drop detail down the back. They turned out amazing!!!

Please feel free to contact me for custom wedding jewelry! 

Tuesday, August 13

Pin it to Win it!



Ginna,  Please email me at with your mailing address no later than Wednesday 8/21/13. 

Thank you again!!!


This time, I'm asking you to do me one small favor to get entered to win a really BIG prize!

Here's how it goes! Pin your favorite item from my shop,  and get entered to win a $50.00 gift certificate!!! Then pin again, pin again, and pin again because there are NO MAXIMUM ENTRIES!

*Please read and follow the specific entry instructions below


Go to my shop and find your favorite piece. Then hit the "Pin it" button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen


Copy and Paste this wording at the beginning of the description:

Favorite Custom Jewelry / Footprints / Handwriting / Silhouette / Colorful / Best Gift / Christmas / New Baby / Jonesing for Jewelry / J4JCharms

Then just hit the "Pin it" button again in the bottom right hand corner.


I'll give you until Saturday the 17th (8/17/13) at 8 pm Pacific Standard time to pin something. Then via Pinterest I'll be randomly drawing a winner. The winner's Pinterest Username  will be posted to this blog no later than Sunday the 18th. You will need to check back to see if you are the winner and claim the $50 gift certificate.

You can enter as many times as you'd like so PIN AWAY!!

Sunday, August 4

String Letters DIY

Just last week I revealed the new studio, and I already have a ton of requests for the "how to" on these awesome string letters, so here goes! I think this would be an awesome way to put up a name or monogram in a nursery or kid's room.

Heavy duty paper
Small brad nails (about 1 1/2" - 2" length)
Painter's tape or masking tape

This crochet thread was just about $2.00 for each color. I HAVE ENOUGH TO LAST A LIFETIME NOW! 

Step 1. PRINT. Using the heavy weight paper, print out what you want to type in a font you like. Remember, the more curves the font has the more work you'll have, so try and choose a fairly simple, "squared off" font. As you can tell, my letters were about 8" tall.

Step 2.  TAPE UP GUIDE. Using the level to align it all, tape up the paper letters where you want them on the wall. Tape all the sides, top and bottoms (this will be important later)

Step 3. HAMMER THE NAILS IN. Hammer in along the edge of the letters. Make sure to hammer all the corners, and about 3-4 around any curves to ensure that it has an easy curve rather than a sharp corner. The stronger the curve, the more nails you'll need. (I highly suggest you hammer one letter at a time, move to step 4 and 5, then come back to step 3 for the next letter)

Step 4. PEEL THE PAPER. Pull the paper off leaving the nails in the wall.

Step 5. WRAP THE STRING. Start by tying a not around one of the nails. It doesn't really matter which nail you start on. Wrap around all the perimeter of the letters approximately 5 times to make the base. Then "fill in" the letter by randomly wrapping and criss-crossing in the middle of the letter. Once you fill it in to your satisfaction, wrap 20-30 more times around the perimeter. This will make the string about 3/4" - 1" tall. Once you're done keep the the string taught while tying another knot around a nail. Then just cut the extra string at each of the ends. 

Step 6. HAMMER THEM FLUSH. Although I wrapped 3/4"-1" tall on each letter, I had more nail hanging out. So I went back and hammered mine so they were all about the same height. Make sure to hammer them so that the nails angle out a little. This will help keep the string tight.

Friday, July 19


Ever since I made the copper riveted bangles I've been wearing them. I NEVER take them off I love them so much! They are the perfect mix of organic shapes and sparkle that they go with everything.

Recently, I've wanted something more to match with them, so I came up with these amazing hoop earings. They are slightly egg shaped, and intentionally slightly different in size and shape from each other. They largest one measures 2 1/4" x 2 1/2" They are super light weight, and make a statement without being too bold.

Get yours here!

Wednesday, July 17

Summer Fun

For most of you that follow me, you know that I've been working hard to build the jewelry business. One of the things I've been most looking forward too, and one of the biggest benefits that working at your own business from home is flexibility.  With the business booming, I've had the opportunity to quit my day job, and keep this little boy home during this summer.

I'm happy to report that Kaleb is having the summer of his life! We spend our days together having fun, doing or going wherever we feel like, having play dates, swimming like fish and just enjoying each other. I have never felt more bonded to him than I do right now.

You might ask how I've been able to keep up with him and work? Luckily enough, the summer jewelry season tends to be a little slower anyways, but mostly it's taken a LOT of strict planning. We both have a mutual understanding of when I'm working and when I'm not. By scheduling my work time with him (very Super Nanny of me!) there is no confusion, and therefore little frustration between the two of us. We focus on each other during our play times, and then I can focus on work when it's time because I know I'm not ignoring him. 

Here's what our days look like:

*I get up early around 5:30, coffee and emails. I get quiet work time until about 9:30.
*Kaleb gets up around 7:30 these days, watches a few cartoons, makes himself breakfast, and busies himself till 9:30.
*At 9:30 we both stop what we are doing and work on our chores. Kaleb has a HUGE chore list this summer. I'm pretty proud of the work he's accomplishing these days. (Remember he's only 5!) His list includes things like making his bed, cleaning his room, cleaning his toy area, getting the mail, dusting, throwing the ball for the dogs, and unloading the dishwasher
*After we're done we head to 10:30 swim lessons
*When we get home, he's usually a little worn out, gets himself a snack and rests for a little while. This gives me time to finish any chores, emails, or work I have from the morning
*Then around noon, we eat lunch together.
*After lunch is our together time. We do whatever we want. Go to the park, visit grandma, have friends over, but mostly we swim.
*I give us till about 3:30 to play together. Then we're both beat! We need resting, quiet time, and I usually sneak back into the studio for a little more work.
Shortly after, Dad comes home or it's dinner time and we do the family thing till the evening.
I usually work in the evening when he's busy with Dad or after bedtime.

I also have planned some "catch-up" times for myself. For example, this week he has Lego Camp in the afternoons. Which gives me a little break, and time to catch up on stuff (like BLOGGING!)

All in all, the summer is going much better than I expected (I was quite nervous about how I would get any work done going into it). I know a lot of you out there are trying to work from home with kids in the mix too or you are a SAHM, and have tasks  you need to fit in as well. Hopefully my summer schedule helps you find your perfect balance too! No matter what, when spending time at home, remember there will always be more work. There will never again be this time to spend with your children. Keep what is most important with you at all times. If I fail at anything, I'd much rather it be not getting enough work done, than not spending enough time with him.

Saturday, June 29

New Items

I've  been working on a large batch for an amazing little consignment shop that I carry at in L.A., co-op 28. So I thought I'd share a little of the new custom pieces here!

Turquoise with hand formed copper leaf on sterling rolo chain

Stunning agate set in hand forged sterling silver bezel setting linked on rolo chain and hand stamped quote on back  

Etched eagle head with turquoise and crystal charms on rope chain

Enjoy! And remember you can always contact me for custom items!

Thursday, June 13


IT'S HERE!! The new Jonesing for Jewelry packaging is finally in hand and ready to use!

I have never really been all that happy with my logo. the issue is that I run three shops under the name Jonesing for Jewelry. The first, Jonesing for Jewelry, which carries simple everyday sterling silver jewelry mixed with stunning precious stones. The second shop is where I carry my most popular charms with children's handwriting, silhouettes, and footprints, J4JCharms.  Last but not least, I run a shop called J4JVintage which focuses on charm necklaces with vintage botanical prints, bronze findings, and brass lockets. I have never really felt that all three shops where well represented in the Jonesing for Jewelry logo. I thought it was too confusing for customers to translate the J4J portion of the charm and vintage shop into Jonesing for Jewelry.

Anyways, a few months back I had the brilliant idea of placing the J4J in the logo itself. This tarted a huge chain of events. A new logo means all new branding and packaging. I loved the old packaging when I first started with it, but to be honest, my design skills have grown so much since then.  The old packaging had a lot of flaws including design issues and it was missing elements like smaller tags for when I send necklaces to stores.

Needless to say, I started all over. I wanted it to be perfect this time. I definitely don't want to find myself making new packaging in a year. So I took the time to really look at my options. I made a Pinterest board for stuff I liked and what direction I saw the branding going in. I started to realize that I was really drawn to simple elements and black in on manila tags or kraft paper.

I wanted to bring the banner idea from my website (see links to the right) into the main sticker design. This proved to be one of the hardest elements to figure out how they would be printed and cut without going way over budget.

None-the-less, months later it's all here (literally the last items arrived less than an hour ago!)  I couldn't be happier. I hope that the consolidation of the J4J and Jonesing for Jewelry logo will help promote my items better, make my brand more recognizable, and help customers stay in contact. Plus the packaging will surely bring a smile to your face when you open a little gift for yourself!

Tuesday, May 7



Ok not quite yet! We leave in one week, and NO I will NOT be wearing the bikini my mini-figure is sporting! No matter what I am wearing, we are all so excited to be going! We've been planning this trip for about a year now. I can't believe how dedicated Kaleb has been to earning money for it. He's always asking for chores to do around the house, and even when he wants a toy, after thinking about it for awhile, he decides to save his money for Legoland! 

Over the past year, I found that working from home can really be challenging. I find myself checking emails instead of riding bikes, working on orders instead of reading a book to my boy, and ordering supplies when I should be eating breakfast.

In an effort be more present in both my career and family life, while I'm on vacation, I've decided to challenge myself to no technology (OK minus the camera). This means while I'm gone, I won't be checking email, I won't be re-listing items, and I won't be posting blogs. Instead I'll be focused on my family.

When I get back, hopefully I'll be energized and filled with inspiration!

P.S. This means that all orders placed 5/8 or later will be processed after we return 5/19. Thank you for your understanding and patience.