Sunday, October 27

New Wedding Bands

I'm not going to lie. I'm horrible about my wedding ring.

Commit to one man, EASY

Commit to just one beautiful ring, TERRIFYING!

I just love them all so much, and with the ability to make new ones it's hard not to spoil myself every time I get a new idea.

This time, it was Dave mostly asking for a new ring. When we got married, I knew literally NOTHING about soldering. Now that I have 100's under my belt he wanted one of his very own. With him getting a new ring, it was OBVIOUS that I also needed another one!

So here's what I made us...

For mine, I had a 4 mm green tourmaline stone that I purchased a few years ago. It is an AMAZING olive green color, and I knew I wanted to save it for something extra special. It was perfect for this project because it's got a little sparkle, but is also really earthy and simple. It'll be great with jeans and a t-shirt, but it will also go nicely when I decide to rock the HUGE rings I normally have on.

For some reason the "until death" portion of traditional vows has always been really powerful to us. Some might find it depressing, but I find it so incredibly romantic. So against tradition, I stamped it around one side of the band.

Then I made a super thin and simple dotted band to act as the Wedding Ring portion. I love the little detail it adds to the piece. The texture is just incredible.

For Dave, he really loved the hammered look, so this is what I did....

I started with a really wide band, and hammered the heck out of it. I love all the little tool marks in it. It reminds me of all the items I've made with it previously; the love and work I put into them and into this ring.

Then of coarse I took the opportunity to stamp a little something on the inside of his ring. I had a little more room to work with, and so I fit the whole "Until death do us part" vow and our anniversary date.

I love how well they pair together, but also work so well apart. Very fitting of our relationship I think.

P.S. If you are interested in custom rings, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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