Thursday, January 14

Clean Out the Cobwebs / A Shop Update.

It's funny how it happens.
The cycle of the year.

The end of so many things.
Sometimes the celebration of accomplishment, but all too often the feeling of failure.

Then the fresh start and the newness of being.
Juxtaposed in just a span of a few seconds.

I came back from Holiday renewed, but not ready.
I spent my first week deep cleaning.
Preparing my space and myself for 2016.

I was just mentioning to someone that this year feels so different than the last January.
I feel confident.
My skills honed.

I have a lot to learn.
I'm not trying to sound cocky, but I'm also recognizing how far I've come.
I'm allowed to do that.
I should do that.

I can't wait for this year, but first I had to deal with the past.

Remove the scars from my soul and the stains from my bench.
Store away the lessons I've learned, and organize the unused pieces.

Clean my soul and my studio.


This shop update is the result.

Things I've had around.
Bits and pieces I found in the deep clean.
And ideas I felt I needed to try before moving on.

I hope you enjoy!

Available at 7pm PT until sold here. 

You can see more photographs of this piece here. 

(Please note, this surfite piece does not have the stone set. You'll be able to choose to have it completed in your ring size or as a necklace) 

♥ Carin