Thursday, October 19

I Had An Affair With a Man Named Turquoise

I posted today in my Instagram stories about how this was probably the last piece of turquoise I'll ever set. I might as well been put in front of a firing squad! You guys are SERIOUS about your turquoise! It's like I broke the news to ya'll that Santa Clause isn't real. 

I thought maybe if I explained a little, you might see there is more to life than turquoise..... or maybe not, but at least I made my point. Please know, this post is not to put down anyone who loves or uses turquoise in their work. It is a glorious stone; that color! This is to try and explain my complicated relationship with it. 

Let me start off by asking, "Have you ever loved something that was bad for you?" Come on ladies, there had to be at least one guy you dated that was so wrong for you. While it might have been fun for awhile, you knew deep down inside that you wouldn't marry him. 

That was turquoise for me. Turquoise was the easy way out. Often the success of designs would solely rest on the beauty of the stone or if I was finding myself challenged in a design, I could just add a piece of turquoise, and BAM it would complete it. #putapieceofturquoiseonit 

You might be thinking, so what's so wrong in that? 

The bottom line is, while the designs worked, they weren't me. I thought they were for awhile, and I loved the feeling of polishing and sending out successful designs. But over time, I found turquoise put me in a box that I had a hard time breaking free from. I used it more than I should have because it was easy. 

The day I heard my muse whispering that I should break up with turquoise, I first thought, "She is freaking insane,  have you seen his body?!" But more and more over the past year she's won me over. 

Recently, I felt like the pieces of work that contained turquoise I gave up on, I fell back into old habits, rather than working to push myself forward. Who doesn't take the elevator instead of the stairs once in awhile? For goodness sakes, we're human! 

While turquoise definitely helped me learn to walk, and it allowed me the ability to learn how to design, I feel pretty confident that I'm ready to fly.  Now that my wings have strengthened, the thing that helped me for so long, I find to be a hinderance. Turquoise is holding me back, and I know, deep down inside, as hard as it is, I have to break up with it. 


I know this post might make some of you go running, but I sincerely hope you'll stick around, cause maybe I'll fly or maybe I'll crash down face first in a pile of poo, and either would be equally fun to watch. Also, more sincerely, I promise to make super cool shit that you can absolutely wear with all that lovely turquoise you have. 

P.S. I completely hold the right to change my mind, tomorrow, 3 months from now, 10 years from now... cause girls, Turquoise is sexy! 

P.S.S. No, I'm not destashing my turquoise anytime soon! Hands off! 

Monday, May 23

You Are Not Your Mistakes // A Home Decor Series

Sometimes I can't stop thinking, thinking about all the mistakes I've made.
The things I've done or said that I shouldn't have.
The times I should have spoken up.
The times I should have taken the higher road or made a different decision.

Sometimes I feel like my mistakes have driven my life.
That they have defined who I am today and had the power to direct me.

This series is all about healing.
About letting go of mistakes and chalking them up to lessons.
About realizing I, you, we are human.
About reminding myself that those lessons I have learned are what propelled me forward and allowed me to make some incredibly wonderful and incredibly right decisions.

Each of these babies start from silver from previous mistakes.
Pieces that didn't work.
Solder and ideas that didn't flow.
Melted bezels and broken saw blades.

I've melted them all down to their elements.
Turned them into lessons, and used them to grow something new and beautiful.

I can't tell you how healing it is.
To be able to turn that torch up to screaming high and just let the heat burn away your mistakes.
Let it melt it down until it's no longer recognizable.
Until you've forgotten how painful it was when it happened.


Cast succulents.
Shed antlers.
Weathered cow vertebrae.

To adorn your home.
To remind you.



Saturday, March 26

Woman Up //

 And just when you feel yourself settle into comfort,
just as your muscles are able to relax, 
just as your soul feels settled.... 

Reach strongly for something beyond your fingertips.
Desire the challenge.
Seek it out.
Grab it confidently with both hands.

Don't drag it behind you or carry it haphazardly. 
No, pull the weight of that sucker square onto your shoulders.
Strive to make the new discomfort manageable and then eventually make it look effortless.

Because woman, you are the most beautiful when you bravely and vulnerably tumbling forward in pursuit of life. 
When you are answering the question, what am I capable of? 

I want to know the strength of this body... and this soul.
I want to know I can wo-man up to any challenge.
I want to feel uncomfortable in contentment, and twitchy when I'm still.
I want to see the vastness myself and therefore also my boundaries.

And most of all I want to break them.


Guys I've been pushing myself hard lately. Stretching and reaching for more in almost every aspect of my life. It's super exciting, but it also feels incredibly overwhelming.

I keep wondering if I'm capable to rise to the challenges I've laid out for myself.
I keep asking if I'm really capable of what I hope for.

And I keep trying to remind myself that this is who I am. That I am a strong capable woman, and I've rose to every challenge before this. That I've built this business up with just these 2 hands.
I keep trying to remember I've taught myself these skills before, and I'll keep trying to do it again and again and again.

No matter what.

Available here until sold.


Tuesday, March 22



I keep thinking about how luscious & tempting things in this life can be. 
Intriguing us with beautiful forms,
pungent perfumes,
bold, stunning colors. 

All things that promise rushes of dopamine through our blood stream.  That addictive, powerful flow which excites each and every one of our cells. 

It makes us feel alive.
It makes us feel happy.

Often when we speak of these types of things, we talk about how indulgent they are. Each of them carrying a sense of negativity with them. We hope we are strong enough to evade their pull, and somehow that ability would make us better human beings. 

It brings me back almost 20 years, neatly sorting seed beads into their own little compartments. I'd pick up a few, gently sliding my fingers back and forth across their glassy surface. Letting a few of them at a time all back into their designated spot. 

That's when the tug began for me, I got sight at what I consider my life long lure. A glimpse at what a dreamy, sexy life this career would be. 

But as with most things that bring us happiness, as a good strong human, I stopped myself from daydreaming too long or too hard.  I'd think about how much fun it was as a hobby, but never, ever would I allow myself to dream beyond that. 

Perhaps, I thought, too much daydreaming would somehow get in the way of "real" work. 

But oh how wrong I was.
How wrong we are.

My only regret is how long it took me to allow myself the freedom to explore. 
Explore my truth,
Explore my passion,
Explore my life. 

I regret so much, how long and how hard I struggled against the urge. 

Now, when I daydream, it's more frequently about the past than the future.

I remember my 18 year old self standing at the top of a set of stairs that led to an art department. 
A set of stairs I was too coward to walk down. 
An 18 year old too afraid to speak her truth and too fearful to take the leap. 

Now as I daydream, I find myself telling that youngster this,

"Now is always the time for happy." 



I challenge you this, why not indulge? 


These beasts are meant to be big and bold.
For those of us willing to take the bait.
Go against the norm.
Take the less worn path.
To you, I applaud.
I send my highest praises.

They are more than that though.
A side story if you will. 
Of a friendship that started while sorting those seed beads 2 decades ago. 
A person who, despite what she says, was by far one of the biggest artistic influences of my life. 

She gifted me a pair of articulated fish earrings over a decade ago.
They were my favorite.
I rarely took them out.
But then there was that one time I did, and sadly they were never to be seen again.

I've thought about those earrings for 10 years.
So I bring you my, bigger, bolder version all these years later.
I think appropriately, they are sized to represent my unwavering announcement that I will not follow the well worn path. 
I will embrace my indulging, dreamy, sexy career with all it's ups and downs.

I took the bait. 
will you? 

Available for purchase here for just 1 week. At which time I will close the listing and fulfill all orders at one time.


Monday, February 22


I'm starting to feel some stirring in my sits bones. For so long now my hands and mind limited my abilities, but 2015 brought such tremendous growth. Budding at at my tips, I'm ready for more. But like the plant primed to bloom, I've realized that I need more than just a deep desire to flower. There are elements that can help a girl get there, and tools I need to take it to the next level. I've discounted these lovely pieces to help fund some of the big purchases I feel coming around the corner. A rare chance to snag something lovely at a lower price. A gift to you for supporting and helping me shine my light a little brighter. 
I've discounted a hand full of items in the shop today, I'd love it if you took a moment to check it out. 
I can't thank you enough for all your support. 
Happy Monday friends.