Tuesday, August 27

Congratulations Annie and Andy

Photo Courtesy of Leila Navidi

It's official!!! One of my best friends tied the knot a few weekends ago!  

Annie and I met in middle school, and she is one of the biggest reasons that I am where I am today.  We have spent countless hours making jewelry together over the years. She has truly inpired me, and helped me realize I my creative capabilities. With all that said, I was incredibly honored to make her wedding jewelry.

We used the waterfall earrings and necklaces I offer in my shop regularly as the basis for her jewelry, but of coarse since it was such a big day, we kicked it up a few notches!

First we went gold to match the yellow coloring of her dress.  

Photo Courtesy of Leila Navidi

Then we used amazing little herkimer diamond stones to add a little sparkle and to make it extra special.  Lastly, we altered the shape and size to match the dress neckline. 

Photo Courtesy of Leila Navidi

Lastly, we added a stunning little drop detail down the back. They turned out amazing!!!

Please feel free to contact me for custom wedding jewelry! 

Tuesday, August 13

Pin it to Win it!



Ginna,  Please email me at Carin@Jonesingforjewelry.com with your mailing address no later than Wednesday 8/21/13. 

Thank you again!!!


This time, I'm asking you to do me one small favor to get entered to win a really BIG prize!

Here's how it goes! Pin your favorite item from my shop,  and get entered to win a $50.00 gift certificate!!! Then pin again, pin again, and pin again because there are NO MAXIMUM ENTRIES!

*Please read and follow the specific entry instructions below


Go to my shop and find your favorite piece. Then hit the "Pin it" button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen


Copy and Paste this wording at the beginning of the description:

Favorite Custom Jewelry / Footprints / Handwriting / Silhouette / Colorful / Best Gift / Christmas / New Baby / Jonesing for Jewelry / J4JCharms

Then just hit the "Pin it" button again in the bottom right hand corner.


I'll give you until Saturday the 17th (8/17/13) at 8 pm Pacific Standard time to pin something. Then via Pinterest I'll be randomly drawing a winner. The winner's Pinterest Username  will be posted to this blog no later than Sunday the 18th. You will need to check back to see if you are the winner and claim the $50 gift certificate.

You can enter as many times as you'd like so PIN AWAY!!

Sunday, August 4

String Letters DIY

Just last week I revealed the new studio, and I already have a ton of requests for the "how to" on these awesome string letters, so here goes! I think this would be an awesome way to put up a name or monogram in a nursery or kid's room.

Heavy duty paper
Small brad nails (about 1 1/2" - 2" length)
Painter's tape or masking tape

This crochet thread was just about $2.00 for each color. I HAVE ENOUGH TO LAST A LIFETIME NOW! 

Step 1. PRINT. Using the heavy weight paper, print out what you want to type in a font you like. Remember, the more curves the font has the more work you'll have, so try and choose a fairly simple, "squared off" font. As you can tell, my letters were about 8" tall.

Step 2.  TAPE UP GUIDE. Using the level to align it all, tape up the paper letters where you want them on the wall. Tape all the sides, top and bottoms (this will be important later)

Step 3. HAMMER THE NAILS IN. Hammer in along the edge of the letters. Make sure to hammer all the corners, and about 3-4 around any curves to ensure that it has an easy curve rather than a sharp corner. The stronger the curve, the more nails you'll need. (I highly suggest you hammer one letter at a time, move to step 4 and 5, then come back to step 3 for the next letter)

Step 4. PEEL THE PAPER. Pull the paper off leaving the nails in the wall.

Step 5. WRAP THE STRING. Start by tying a not around one of the nails. It doesn't really matter which nail you start on. Wrap around all the perimeter of the letters approximately 5 times to make the base. Then "fill in" the letter by randomly wrapping and criss-crossing in the middle of the letter. Once you fill it in to your satisfaction, wrap 20-30 more times around the perimeter. This will make the string about 3/4" - 1" tall. Once you're done keep the the string taught while tying another knot around a nail. Then just cut the extra string at each of the ends. 

Step 6. HAMMER THEM FLUSH. Although I wrapped 3/4"-1" tall on each letter, I had more nail hanging out. So I went back and hammered mine so they were all about the same height. Make sure to hammer them so that the nails angle out a little. This will help keep the string tight.