Tuesday, May 7



Ok not quite yet! We leave in one week, and NO I will NOT be wearing the bikini my mini-figure is sporting! No matter what I am wearing, we are all so excited to be going! We've been planning this trip for about a year now. I can't believe how dedicated Kaleb has been to earning money for it. He's always asking for chores to do around the house, and even when he wants a toy, after thinking about it for awhile, he decides to save his money for Legoland! 

Over the past year, I found that working from home can really be challenging. I find myself checking emails instead of riding bikes, working on orders instead of reading a book to my boy, and ordering supplies when I should be eating breakfast.

In an effort be more present in both my career and family life, while I'm on vacation, I've decided to challenge myself to no technology (OK minus the camera). This means while I'm gone, I won't be checking email, I won't be re-listing items, and I won't be posting blogs. Instead I'll be focused on my family.

When I get back, hopefully I'll be energized and filled with inspiration!

P.S. This means that all orders placed 5/8 or later will be processed after we return 5/19. Thank you for your understanding and patience.