Saturday, June 29

New Items

I've  been working on a large batch for an amazing little consignment shop that I carry at in L.A., co-op 28. So I thought I'd share a little of the new custom pieces here!

Turquoise with hand formed copper leaf on sterling rolo chain

Stunning agate set in hand forged sterling silver bezel setting linked on rolo chain and hand stamped quote on back  

Etched eagle head with turquoise and crystal charms on rope chain

Enjoy! And remember you can always contact me for custom items!

Thursday, June 13


IT'S HERE!! The new Jonesing for Jewelry packaging is finally in hand and ready to use!

I have never really been all that happy with my logo. the issue is that I run three shops under the name Jonesing for Jewelry. The first, Jonesing for Jewelry, which carries simple everyday sterling silver jewelry mixed with stunning precious stones. The second shop is where I carry my most popular charms with children's handwriting, silhouettes, and footprints, J4JCharms.  Last but not least, I run a shop called J4JVintage which focuses on charm necklaces with vintage botanical prints, bronze findings, and brass lockets. I have never really felt that all three shops where well represented in the Jonesing for Jewelry logo. I thought it was too confusing for customers to translate the J4J portion of the charm and vintage shop into Jonesing for Jewelry.

Anyways, a few months back I had the brilliant idea of placing the J4J in the logo itself. This tarted a huge chain of events. A new logo means all new branding and packaging. I loved the old packaging when I first started with it, but to be honest, my design skills have grown so much since then.  The old packaging had a lot of flaws including design issues and it was missing elements like smaller tags for when I send necklaces to stores.

Needless to say, I started all over. I wanted it to be perfect this time. I definitely don't want to find myself making new packaging in a year. So I took the time to really look at my options. I made a Pinterest board for stuff I liked and what direction I saw the branding going in. I started to realize that I was really drawn to simple elements and black in on manila tags or kraft paper.

I wanted to bring the banner idea from my website (see links to the right) into the main sticker design. This proved to be one of the hardest elements to figure out how they would be printed and cut without going way over budget.

None-the-less, months later it's all here (literally the last items arrived less than an hour ago!)  I couldn't be happier. I hope that the consolidation of the J4J and Jonesing for Jewelry logo will help promote my items better, make my brand more recognizable, and help customers stay in contact. Plus the packaging will surely bring a smile to your face when you open a little gift for yourself!