Wednesday, August 31

Read This BLOG ....

So I have a ton of favorite blogs!  My husband hates looking through my bookmarks because it is FULL!  (I should really start using a blog reader!)  Anyways, I came across a new one called In My Own Style, well new to me anyways.  It is SO fantastic!  Any project or idea you may have, she has tried, and given fabulous step-by-step tips to complete, plus many you probably haven't even dreamed of!  READ IT! BOOKMARK IT! SHARE IT!  

Here are a couple of my favorite recent posts that I will definitely be trying:

Monday, August 29


I love color.... my current house has pretty  muted colors, but everyday I think about my dream house, or redoing our current decoration.... and I mostly think about color!  I think about muted grey walls, and every other thing bright and bold.... yellow couches, neon painted book ends (who knew neon would ever come back in style?!)  

This house apartment therapy only makes the dream that much more desirable for me! Make sure to read the intro.... "it'll melt your brain!" 

All this color makes me want to buy things like this....

Friday, August 26

Friday Favorites ....

Here they are people! There is some super great stuff in this week's favorites! Enjoy!

Monday, August 22

Wedding Photo Booth...

Oh man this wedding was such a success in so many ways!  A great couple, great venue, awesome DIY's!  Like I said before one of my projects was the photo booth.  I knew this would be so fun ESPECIALLY knowing the couple and their family and friends, I was confident guests would take advantage of it.  The bride's sister had many projects to attend to, but had a huge hand in the photo booth as well.  The two of us scavenged through vintage stores, our houses, and craft stores, for anything and everything we could think of that could be fun for the photo booth.

The accessories included: lots of fun glasses, 2 frames (to include a handmade Polaroid frame), every mustache you could think of, hats, vintage phones, and many extra's.... You can see the full scroll of pics at my flickr. But here are a few of my favorites! 

Thursday, August 18

Friday (Thursday) Favorites....

Due to the pending wedding weekend, Friday favorites are coming in a day early!  (better than a day late right?!)  

Gearing Up For Wedding Weekend!

I have been using this week to gear up for my friend's wedding this weekend!  It is such a great culmination of ideas, DIY's, and just plain fun! My projects included....  photo booth, wedding jewelry, and low-key bachelorette party!  It's gonna be a great weekend! Pics to come! 

Friday, August 12

Friday Favorites...

Here are some of my favorites from this week on Etsy... Enjoy!


Thursday, August 11

Tacos and Beer...

I am pretty obsessive when it comes to food.  I could eat the same thing for every meal of the day, for weeks on end, until I move on to the next thing.  Right now it's tacos... in particular fish tacos.  I have to admist that I was so against them in the beginning (I think the first one I had was horrible, and put me off for years there-after!)... but now I cannot get enough of them!

Tonight I paired my amazing tacos with this fabulous wheat beer.  That I admit I bought because the can was beautiful!  Feast with your eyes! 

Monday, August 8

80% off?! Seriously ....

please note. as of 9-12-11, necklace spots below are now closed.

Ok here is the deal fans... as I mention in my earlier post Jonesing for Jewelry is opening up a second shop!  J4JCharms  I have over 100 items and variations of the charm necklaces! Not just for moms, but for wives, sisters, and friends!  They are a great way to celebrate the ones you love!

In starting the shop though, I need to make several items, and photograph them.  I could make up names, and then let the charms go to waste.OR I COULD MAKE IT A GREAT DEAL FOR YOU TOO! 

Here's how it's going to work: 

1.  You will have the opportunity NOW to sign up for one of the slots below.  Email me ( with the slot number, dates, names, initials, whatever information I need to make the item. 

2.  I will pick on a first come first serve basis for each slot, assuming I have all the information I need (remember full name charms are limited to 8 characters)

3.  I will create you a custom listing in my Etsy shop. All you will be charged for is $10.00 (to cover the chain) and shipping ($4.50 *additional shipping charges will apply to international orders)!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!! THESE ARE  VALUED AT ABOUT $40.00 AND YOU ARE GETTING THEM FOR $14.50!!!!!

4.   I will make the necklaces, use them for photographing and setting up the new shop, and then ship them to you! 

.... the catch you ask?!  Just your patience and understanding! 

First off, I will not be allowing you to pick fonts, colors, bead or metal charms (I will be using my best judgement, but also these 14 or so necklaces are going to be manipulated to make over 100 items! So I will also be taking that into consideration). Plus I am coming out with more beads, more metal charms, more colors and more fonts! 

Secondly,  this is a HUGE undertaking!  Conservatively these necklaces might not ship till well into November.  I will do my best, and often get things done much faster than I anticipate, but since I will be shipping the product to YOU I won't have the opportunity to re-photograph, etc.  I HAVE to get it right before I let it go. 

Thirdly,  if payment on the item is not recieved within 36 hours of notification that you won, I will re-open the slot for more customers. 

Lastly,  each customer will only be allowed to take one spot.  This will remain open until all spots are filled OR I call "time" on it.

*****  did you (for example) sign up for a spot that have only a monogram, but you would like to add dates to your final product? or another charm?  No worries!  Convo me, and I can add them (at an additional cost) ****

WITH ALL OF THAT SAID... YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE BEING ABLE TO OFFER GREAT FANS A GREAT DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1.  Two names - this will be a cluster version. TAKEN!

2.  One name - this will be a cluster version with I ♥ TAKEN!

3.  Three sets of initials (must be 3 characters long) - this will be a cluster version. TAKEN!

4.  One monogram - this will be a cluster version. TAKEN!

5.  One monogram - this will be a cluster version. TAKEN!

6.  One monogram - this will be a cluster version. TAKEN!

7.  One set of initials(must be 3 characters long), month, and day - this will be a cluster version. TAKEN!

8.  Two initials (must be 3 characters long)- this will be a cluster version.TAKEN!

9.  One Last name - this will be a bridal version (AKA MRS. JONES) - TAKEN!

10. Three names - this will be a linked version - TAKEN!

11. Two sets of initials (must be 3 characters long)- this will be a linked version - TAKEN!

12. One set of initials ((must be 3 characters long)- this will be a linked version with I ♥

13.  Three monograms - this will be a linked version - taken!

14.  One monogram, month, day - this will be a cluster version with "in loving memory" stamped on a metal disc.




This is your life...

Saw this today, and it really spoke to me.  Life to me is about living a meaningful existence. Not constantly looking to the future, but being here in the present.  About finding something you love, and pursuing it.  Because life is to short to do anything else.... 


Sunday, August 7

Modern Day Superheroes..

I could not resist sharing this awesome photo with you.  Superman, Robin, and Batman (aka Kaleb)  enjoying saving Seattle one bad guy at a time.  What fun it is to be a kid!  

Oh and p.s.  Did we just miss these awesome moments before the invention of camera phones?!

Proctor Arts Fest...

Favorite quote from this year's show, after seeing my display.... "You either have it or you don't, and you definitely have it!" 

I love having it!  :)  

Missed this year's show? Don't worry here's some pics of it all.

What's Next? ...

I am happy to say that Jonesing for Jewelry is constantly evolving, learning new skills, growing the business, making new fans!  I thought I would share a little bit about what I have planned in the near future:

1.  CALLING ALL LOCALS! My goal for next year is to do FIVE! that's right FIVE local arts and crafts fairs.... Ones I am looking into?  PLU Yule Boutique, Puyallup Meeker Days,  Urban Arts Festival, Fircrest Fun Days, Art on the Ave.... just to name a few!  Got input or know a great local show you'd like to see my work at!  Just let me know!

2.  Love Jonesing for Jewelry Custom Mom Charm necklaces?!  I have over 100 items in the works!  Bridal Jewelry, In Memory of, and MORE MOM CHARM NECKLACES! 

I have so many items that Jonesing for Jewelry will be starting a seperate Etsy shop for just these items!  I will also be adding more font, bead, and color options! Plus activity charms!  Soccer, baseball, music!  Have something you'd like to see me offer?  Let me know!

3.  Jonesing for Jewelry wants to get the word out about our awesome products!  So we are starting a quarterly email!  It will have new items, updates about where you can find us, and COUPON CODES!!! Everyone loves getting your favorite jewelry at a discounted price! 

Stay tuned, Send me your great ideas, and have a great rest of your summer! 

Saturday, August 6

Proctor Arts Fest....

Today is the day!  At this point I am still only doing one show a year.  It is a huge process for me to make enough inventory, get the set up right etc.  I am trying to streamline it a little, and regularly keep more product on hand, as I am trying to do 5 shows next year!  

But every year I get a little closer to perfect!  This  year, I have better displays, easier set up, and more beautiful products!  :) 

It's amazing to me not only how far I have developed my craft since last year, but also how much I have learned about business.  As an artist (especially an Etsy artist) I have found that I wear so many hats, accountant, artist, designer, fabricator, marketer, book keeper... the list goes on and on.... 

... and on that note, I am now the car  packer!  Off to the show... Booth pics to come!

Friday, August 5

Friday Favorites....

It's been a BUSY week.  So busy I thought I would be skipping this post, but then I saw these....