Sunday, August 7

What's Next? ...

I am happy to say that Jonesing for Jewelry is constantly evolving, learning new skills, growing the business, making new fans!  I thought I would share a little bit about what I have planned in the near future:

1.  CALLING ALL LOCALS! My goal for next year is to do FIVE! that's right FIVE local arts and crafts fairs.... Ones I am looking into?  PLU Yule Boutique, Puyallup Meeker Days,  Urban Arts Festival, Fircrest Fun Days, Art on the Ave.... just to name a few!  Got input or know a great local show you'd like to see my work at!  Just let me know!

2.  Love Jonesing for Jewelry Custom Mom Charm necklaces?!  I have over 100 items in the works!  Bridal Jewelry, In Memory of, and MORE MOM CHARM NECKLACES! 

I have so many items that Jonesing for Jewelry will be starting a seperate Etsy shop for just these items!  I will also be adding more font, bead, and color options! Plus activity charms!  Soccer, baseball, music!  Have something you'd like to see me offer?  Let me know!

3.  Jonesing for Jewelry wants to get the word out about our awesome products!  So we are starting a quarterly email!  It will have new items, updates about where you can find us, and COUPON CODES!!! Everyone loves getting your favorite jewelry at a discounted price! 

Stay tuned, Send me your great ideas, and have a great rest of your summer! 

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