Saturday, August 6

Proctor Arts Fest....

Today is the day!  At this point I am still only doing one show a year.  It is a huge process for me to make enough inventory, get the set up right etc.  I am trying to streamline it a little, and regularly keep more product on hand, as I am trying to do 5 shows next year!  

But every year I get a little closer to perfect!  This  year, I have better displays, easier set up, and more beautiful products!  :) 

It's amazing to me not only how far I have developed my craft since last year, but also how much I have learned about business.  As an artist (especially an Etsy artist) I have found that I wear so many hats, accountant, artist, designer, fabricator, marketer, book keeper... the list goes on and on.... 

... and on that note, I am now the car  packer!  Off to the show... Booth pics to come!

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