Monday, August 22

Wedding Photo Booth...

Oh man this wedding was such a success in so many ways!  A great couple, great venue, awesome DIY's!  Like I said before one of my projects was the photo booth.  I knew this would be so fun ESPECIALLY knowing the couple and their family and friends, I was confident guests would take advantage of it.  The bride's sister had many projects to attend to, but had a huge hand in the photo booth as well.  The two of us scavenged through vintage stores, our houses, and craft stores, for anything and everything we could think of that could be fun for the photo booth.

The accessories included: lots of fun glasses, 2 frames (to include a handmade Polaroid frame), every mustache you could think of, hats, vintage phones, and many extra's.... You can see the full scroll of pics at my flickr. But here are a few of my favorites! 

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