Saturday, April 19


Hello fans!!! I'm hear today to talk a little bit about the scary M word.... MARKETING!

Marketing for a small business can be so overwhelming! Many of us crafty sellers have zilch to work with, and most of you know our dear old friend Facebook has started to go the way of Darth Vader.... to The Dark Side. Facebook has turned their backs on small businesses, choosing profit over loyalty. I'm not mad, I don't blame them, they have their own strategies that they paid millions of dollars to come up with. What this means for small business like mine, and many of you is that we need a new game plan!

After much consideration, I have decided that I would much rather put the little marketing budget I have, into your hands rather than a giant corporation that already has plenty. We all know you LOVE giveaways! And that's precisely what I'm proposing.... more giveaways, MONTHLY AND EVEN WEEKLY FREEBIES!!! See I told you, you'd be excited!

Here's the deal! I'm going to turn to my already amazing email newsletter to get the word out about new products, promotions, and sales. I'm planning on sending one about once a month at first. Each time you see that little letter in your inbox, just open it, scroll down, and see if your name or email address appears next to the picture that screams....

It's that simple! The excitement is getting to you now isn't it?! Just go sign up here, and get entered! The sit back, relax, and let the free charms roll your way!

Tuesday, April 1


THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO TOOK THE TIME TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY! I really appreciate you following me and my jewelry lines. Remember if you didn't win, I am frequently doing giveaways so stay tuned! Plus, Mother's Day is just around the corner! Checkout all three of my shops to find amazing pieces for you and the moms in your life:


The lucky winner of this giveaway for the stacking pearl ring is: MEGAN LUDEMAN. Megan, please email me at no later than 4/4 to claim your prize!