Wednesday, June 10

Custom Ring

Just finished up this lovely custom piece and I'd thought I'd share her with you!

A take on my "Softening Within the Stretch" Ring here.

♥ Carin

Tuesday, June 2

Sipping From My Bold, Full Bodied Life.

As I sit here drinking my coffee, swinging in my lovely hammock, and taking in the fresh air slightly tinted with hints of last night's campfires. The laughter and happiness from yesterday still permeating  the surroundings. I take in all of this and I just can't help but be grateful.

this week,
this month,
this year,
this time.
It's a shy step from perfection.

I look at every facet of my life right now and I couldn't be happier.

First and foremost my family. 

A beautiful, energetic, intelligent, funny, happy and healthy little boy for a son. There are days when I wonder if I was cut out for motherhood, but what I don't wonder is how much he has brought to my life. How happy I am to spend even a blip of this existence together. He's taught me so much already and it's fulfilling beyond measure.

A husband who I don't have the words to describe. A being who is worthy of so much more than I can offer, yet graced me with his love and unchanging devotion. A love indescribable in depth already, and the possibility of it growing over this journey together blows my mind.

A bigger, more glorious family that would take years to write about, but I'll name a few.

A mother who has taught me about dedication and somehow taking care of everyone and everything and herself. A father who gifted me his passion and drive that has brought me to where I am today. A sister who has shown me resilience and determination. A grandmother who has shown me true kindness and generosity. Wisdom of generations, my grandfather has provided me with so many tools for my work and for this life. 

Friends, so many. 
Some have gone, some I've yet to meet.
Some will stay forever.
The laughter, the guidance, a bond and sisterhood I couldn't get along without.

A home. 
A place to call ours.
To put our most prized possessions in.
The backdrop to our story.
And most important, a retreat after our endless adventures.

Work, if I can even call it that. 
Something so special it barely feels like work at all.
Challenging yet fun.
Something I built with my own 2 hands, and the ability of it to be flexible as I grow and change. 
I know I have so much more to do here. 
So much more to put out, to show you, I'm excited for what is to come.

All of these things right now in this moment, and some I failed to mention.
My heart is full.

These are the best years of my life.

These are the times I want to remember.

I need a special place to keep the memories.
An album if  you will.
Or maybe just a maker in time to remember this. 
All of it, how it is and how it feels.

Cups to store them in. 
Small ones at first, and bigger ones when I realized the littles just wouldn't hold all the memories I'm making.

♥ Carin

P.S. These will be in the next shop update. I'm shooting for later this week. Exact day and time TBD

Monday, June 1


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