Friday, January 18

Smoothies and DIY

Thought I'd share a little DIY that we completed recently.  Dave, Kaleb and I drink smoothies daily.  I'm working on going vegan. My ultimate goal is to go raw vegan, but that's a little overwhelming to think of at this point. 

We were using the  magic bullet, which we liked at first, but eventually learned that it had a lot of problems. It would work sporadically,  never fully blend what we wanted it to, and the tabs on the cubs which make it work break off easily. So for Christmas, Dave's number one item on his wish list was the Ninja Blender. Which I have been happily enjoying since then! Now that we have such a fantastic blender we can add more leafy greens and healthier items to our smoothies. 


This one I made last night had the following: 

3/4 c frozen green apple
1/2 a kiwi
1 pear
1/2 c kale
apple juice just to get the mixture flowing

It was SO GOOD! 

Unfortunately, since we no longer have the magic bullet which comes with cups, we've had to figure out new smoothie cups.  We don't have a dishwasher in our current place, and my regular glasses have almost all died from bouncing around the sink while washing dishes. 

I had seen this pin  on pinterest, and knew that was our solution. Using mason jars as our everydat glasses was pure genius.  The glass is thicker than your grandma's eye glasses, and so unbreakable it's almost plastic.  We now have the option to add a lid either with a hole for a straw (see DIY instructions below) or without for storing our smoothie for later. Plus they are so inexpensive and timeless, that if they do break down the line replacing them will be easy peasy! 

Plus we have disposable straws (as pictured) that we use for smoothies since the reusable ones are so hard to clean smoothie out of, but you can also buy these starbucks replacement straws for use with water and other thinner liquids. 

We followed the instructions from the pinterest pin pretty much to a T. 

We bought 2 different sizes of mason jars, but ensured they had the same size lid to avoid any confusion.

We went to our local hardware store and bought rubber grommets. We did use ones slightly bigger than she did in the blog, because they fit our straws better. I suggest you take your straws with you when you go. 

Then we just drilled holes in about 1/2 the lids keeping some for storing or replacement later.  Put the grommets in and WA-LA!!

They are by far my favorite cups we've had.  I love that I can put a lid on Kaleb's drinks and worry less about them spilling. Dave said he loves that he can drink a smoothie on the way to work and that the cups fit in the cup holders in the car!