Friday, November 16


It's been a little while since I've been able to do a giveaway so I've decided to make this a big one!!!!

Here's the deal:
I'll give away a $25.00 gift certificate to 4 people if we hit 1,500 facebook fans by 11/23/12

Q. How do I help hit 1,500 fans?
A. Share, Share, Share.  Tell your friends, tell your family, tell you co-workers, tell your baristas! One of the best ways to get it out there, is by going to the facebook page, finding your favorite piece, and sharing the picture on  your page!

Q. What if we don't hit 1,500 fans by Friday?
A. There will be no give away! So SHARE!

Q. How do I qualify to be in the drawing for one of the four winners?
A. Comment on this post and tell me what your favorite part about Jonesing for Jewelry is.  The customization? Friendly help? Special one of a kind pieces?

Q. When do I have to comment by to enter?
A. You have up until the drawing time to comment!

Q. Can I comment more than once?
A. Sure! but only one comment per person will be entered.

Q. When will the drawing be held?
A. Saturday November 24th in the AM time

Q. How will I be notified?
A. I'll post a new blog entry with the winners. If you're afraid you'll forget to check, I suggest clicking the RSS feed button on the right side and subscribing to this blog. With the right settings you can get an email notification for each new post, including the winners, and giveaways in the future!

Q. How do I claim my prize?
A. I'll give 3 days from when I post the winners to email me at

Good Luck!  Start Commenting NOW!!! and don't forget to TELL EVERYONE!

Sunday, November 4


This past week we celebrated Kaleb's fifth birthday! His actual day was filled with so many fun things, breakfast muffins, Slurpee after school, and he even got to get McDonald's (his dinner choice)!

Since his birthday fell in the middle of the week, we decided to hold off and have his party this past weekend.  He got to invite lots of friends from school, family friends, and cousins.  As I'm sure you know, Kaleb is obsessed with all things Lego.  So I've been working hard getting ideas for this party for some time now. Here's what I ended up including:

  • BIRTHDAY INVITES: Using some of my jewelry boxes. We first painted them dark green. Then used a circle punch and some foam sticker dots to add a Lego effect to the outside.  Inside the box a Lego mini figure had all the party info, plus there were a few Legos inside to set the tone!

  • LEGO CAKE: This really couldn't have gotten any cooler! I first made a 2 layer cake.  Then I cut it in half.  On each of the insides I stacked Lego candy.  After frosting it with a regular can of store frosting, I covered it with fondant.  And decorated it construction Lego sets that Kaleb helped me build.  It was surprisingly easy.  The bottom line is fondant covers all mistakes! ;) We even decked it out with construction cone birthday candles
  • LEGO BIRTHDAY FAVOR BAGS: This also was really easy. I just went to Michael's and grabbed a set of 12 birthday bags and 1 page of colored paper to match. I used another circle punch and the same foam dots to decorate the bags. Plus I cut out plain mini figures for the kids to write their names on so the bags didn't get confused at the party.  Inside contained: Lego stickers, a bag of Lego candy, plus a mini figure and a set of 4 wheels that we used during one of the games.
  • COLOR A MINI FIGURE: This was a great intro game that the kids did while we waited for everyone to arrive.  They got to use crayons and color a few pages of yellow paper that I had printed different sizes of mini figures one.  It kept them busy for awhile.
  • GUESS HOW MANY LEGOS: One of the other games we played while we waited for people to come, was having the kids guess how many Legos were in the jar.  The guesses were so fun, they ranged from 1 to 1,000,000,000 !! There were actually 123 legos in our jar!
  • DRAW A MINI FIGURE FACE ON A MARSHMALLOW: I went to Michael's and bought a bag of yellow candy melt (the frosting stuff they put on cake pops) I also bought a few bags of cake pop sets which had the stick, a bag to cover them and a wire tie.  I used jumbo marshmallows topped with 1 mini marshmallow to create the shape of a mini figure head.  Then I coated them in the yellow candy melt.  We found edible pens at our local cake decorating store (or you can get them from Amazon) Each kid got to draw a face on the marshmallows and take them home! So fun!
  • PASS THE LEGO: I made a simple Lego block out of a Kleenex size box.  The kids sat in a circle and when the music was on they pass the Lego around.  When it stopped whoever held the Lego was out!  It was easy, quick and they had a blast
  • PIN THE DOT ON THE LEGO: I bought a $0.99 poster board at the grocery store.  I traced circles where the Lego dot should be on all but one.  The last one I just intermittently traced where it should go. Then I cut the same size circle around a matching paper and put a few circles of blue painters tape on the back.  We blindfolded the kids, spun them around, and had them try and put the dot where the missing one was on the board. Also quick, inexpensive and super fun! 

  • LEGO CAR RACES: This was absolutely the hit of the party! Although it was the most expensive and most work, it was by far the favorite! I'm pretty sure if it's the only game I made they would have raced them the entire time and been perfectly content.  Even after it was all said and done, we brought out the racetrack again and the went back at it. I totally recommend this game! We Let each kid take out their wheels and mini figure out of their party favors bag. Then we gave them a slew of other Legos in all shapes and sizes to build their own car.  They got to use their mini figure as the driver.  I intended to have a little tournament, but they were have so much fun just doing the practice races we never actually competed.  The racetrack is made from a piece of plywood. I spray painted it black, and then used some white acrylic paint we had laying around the house to decorate it.  I put a few nails at the finish line and tied a string across to help decorate it. I also wrote "START" using black permanent marker
  • LEGO PULL PINATA: I got a big box from work, and first cut a trap door in the bottom.  In the door I punched a hole and hung one piece of curling ribbon from it.  Then on the inside I lightly taped lots of other curling ribbon. I filled the box with candy and covered it with green tissue paper.  Then using green paper and foam dots I made it look like a Lego. Each kid got to come up and pull one string. If it was one that was taped it just pulled out and nothing happened, but the one string that was attached to the trap door caused the door to pull open and all the candy to come rushing out.  I'm not going to lie, it was a little TOO much candy, especially around Halloween, but go big or go home right?!
Happy Birthday to my favorite person in the whole world. I love you son!