Thursday, October 19

I Had An Affair With a Man Named Turquoise

I posted today in my Instagram stories about how this was probably the last piece of turquoise I'll ever set. I might as well been put in front of a firing squad! You guys are SERIOUS about your turquoise! It's like I broke the news to ya'll that Santa Clause isn't real. 

I thought maybe if I explained a little, you might see there is more to life than turquoise..... or maybe not, but at least I made my point. Please know, this post is not to put down anyone who loves or uses turquoise in their work. It is a glorious stone; that color! This is to try and explain my complicated relationship with it. 

Let me start off by asking, "Have you ever loved something that was bad for you?" Come on ladies, there had to be at least one guy you dated that was so wrong for you. While it might have been fun for awhile, you knew deep down inside that you wouldn't marry him. 

That was turquoise for me. Turquoise was the easy way out. Often the success of designs would solely rest on the beauty of the stone or if I was finding myself challenged in a design, I could just add a piece of turquoise, and BAM it would complete it. #putapieceofturquoiseonit 

You might be thinking, so what's so wrong in that? 

The bottom line is, while the designs worked, they weren't me. I thought they were for awhile, and I loved the feeling of polishing and sending out successful designs. But over time, I found turquoise put me in a box that I had a hard time breaking free from. I used it more than I should have because it was easy. 

The day I heard my muse whispering that I should break up with turquoise, I first thought, "She is freaking insane,  have you seen his body?!" But more and more over the past year she's won me over. 

Recently, I felt like the pieces of work that contained turquoise I gave up on, I fell back into old habits, rather than working to push myself forward. Who doesn't take the elevator instead of the stairs once in awhile? For goodness sakes, we're human! 

While turquoise definitely helped me learn to walk, and it allowed me the ability to learn how to design, I feel pretty confident that I'm ready to fly.  Now that my wings have strengthened, the thing that helped me for so long, I find to be a hinderance. Turquoise is holding me back, and I know, deep down inside, as hard as it is, I have to break up with it. 


I know this post might make some of you go running, but I sincerely hope you'll stick around, cause maybe I'll fly or maybe I'll crash down face first in a pile of poo, and either would be equally fun to watch. Also, more sincerely, I promise to make super cool shit that you can absolutely wear with all that lovely turquoise you have. 

P.S. I completely hold the right to change my mind, tomorrow, 3 months from now, 10 years from now... cause girls, Turquoise is sexy! 

P.S.S. No, I'm not destashing my turquoise anytime soon! Hands off!