Monday, April 29

Mother's Day is Coming!

Just a quick reminder! Mother's Day is just around the corner! U.S. Domestic orders need to be in no later than Sat 5/4 to get them in time!!! Go order now! Don't miss out!

Wednesday, April 10

Out of the Cubical and Ready to Jump?

Photo Courtesy of sxmperspective
My current inner monologue when I think about quitting my day job:
I went to the Grand Canyon a few years back and wouldn't go within 20 ft of the edge.
I don't like the unknown.
I don't like not knowing if things will work out.
I don't like to take leaps of faith.
It's only a few months away.

It's such a short amount of time.

Dave and I have planned and planned and planned some more, but still I'm scared.

We've set ourselves up for success, but it's terrifying for me.

I want it to work out so bad.

I want it more than anything.

Everything points to it being a success.

Everyone says I should try. 

I don't like to be unsure of anything.

I try and stay positive, but I sit up at night worried.

I do internet searches during the day for part-time jobs just in case.

I rack my brain for other ways we can cut back on spending.

I feel as though I'm running towards the edge of a cliff.

The day is coming.

It's already in motion.

I can't stop it now, but my legs are shaking.

Someone's going to have to push me.

I don't think I'm brave enough to jump on my own.

Sunday, April 7


We filled this spring break to the brim with fun adventures.

Left to Right, Top Down:

  • Kaleb listening intently to Dave's hiking instructions. Including when and how to use his emergency whistle on his backpack
  • Lunch time in the woods at Point Defiance Park
  • Kaleb has been asking for Coco Puffs for months now. I always say, "No," but I figured Spring Break would be a great time to have a sugary breakfast treat
  • We went to a super secret candy store in Tacoma. We got a slew of awesomely flavored gummy bears including pink grapefruit, and pop rocks dips!
  • Studying the fish at the Discovery Pond at Snake Lake
  • Pretending to be a Koala Bear
  • Showing off the awesome roots and making the silliest picture pose. I couldn't get him to just smile normal
  • Dave and Kaleb pretending to punch out Kaleb's missing tooth
  • Watching his best toad friend, Froggy. They played for hours together
  • Breaking the "Earliest Swim of the Year" record at my parent's lake house... now March 31st
  • Studying the Fish at Snake Lake
  • Kaleb's starting to be a great iPhone photographer, so we finally have a picture of Dave and I
  • Daddy and Boy hiking
  • Snack in the woods
  • Laughing hysterically at Tom and Jerry. I guess cats chasing mice just never gets old