Wednesday, April 10

Out of the Cubical and Ready to Jump?

Photo Courtesy of sxmperspective
My current inner monologue when I think about quitting my day job:
I went to the Grand Canyon a few years back and wouldn't go within 20 ft of the edge.
I don't like the unknown.
I don't like not knowing if things will work out.
I don't like to take leaps of faith.
It's only a few months away.

It's such a short amount of time.

Dave and I have planned and planned and planned some more, but still I'm scared.

We've set ourselves up for success, but it's terrifying for me.

I want it to work out so bad.

I want it more than anything.

Everything points to it being a success.

Everyone says I should try. 

I don't like to be unsure of anything.

I try and stay positive, but I sit up at night worried.

I do internet searches during the day for part-time jobs just in case.

I rack my brain for other ways we can cut back on spending.

I feel as though I'm running towards the edge of a cliff.

The day is coming.

It's already in motion.

I can't stop it now, but my legs are shaking.

Someone's going to have to push me.

I don't think I'm brave enough to jump on my own.

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Amy Darigol said...

For me, it was the scariest choice I've ever made. I don't like risk. I don't like the unknown. And, it was something that came up suddenly instead of planning ahead for it like you've done (which would be my style too). However, I've been sooooo much happier ever since I took the jump. Although at times it's been stressful and bumpy and not perfect, I know I made the right choice. When it's your turn, find a way to celebrate. Take some time off to do something fun instead of just diving into work. Enjoy this transition in your life!