Thursday, April 19

Smithy Stretch Series - Number Two

The best of intentions, as it goes... 
... the original plan was to tackle these challenges once a month, but as you can tell, the Holiday season turned into the spring, and before you know it it's been awhile. 
While I am just as committed to the project, maybe it's more realistic to say once a quarter? It's really amazing how little extra time I find in a month!

This "month's" challenge was money. Actually, it's been the set challenge for awhile now. Part of my procrastination was that my original design was overwhelmingly crazy. I don't even think my torch could have kept up with such a piece. One day I'll let you sneak a peek into my sketchbook and you'll understand. 

That's the funny thing though, I'm sure athletes could tell you, just how far to push yourself. How to stretch your muscles in a way that makes you stronger, but doesn't tare them and make you see an orthopedic surgeon or walk like you've been riding a horse bareback. 

Despite the delay, I'm really happy with this crazy piece. I found one of the nickels just before seriously re-embarking on this challenge along one of the beaches we frequent. The green patina on it was just fabulous. 

And so I designed.
I etched.
I formed.
I soldered.
And soldered.
And soldered some more. 
And finally set the nickel stones.

I was most proud of the precision on this piece. I was amazed that my calculations were correct and after forming the roll, the nickels fit just perfectly in the ends with no fuss!

Lastly it taught me that I need a guillotine shear ASAP! 

As always, these pieces will be available for sale in my Etsy shop. You will find them at a much lower price than you will find most of my work. The goal with these is to stretch my creativity, to learn new skills, and to cover the expenses. 

You can find it here until sold. 


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