Tuesday, March 13

What is a Vegan Anyways?

WHOA it's been SOOOO long since I posted.  I actually started a few posts for you, and never got around to finishing them! If you follow me on Facebook you'll see I've been very busy.  Actually if there was a stronger word for very I would be using it in this case! 

I'm basically starting the Jonesing for Jewelry shop from scratch. This is really my 3rd attempt at this shop, but each time it grows and gets better.  This time I really think I have it! I'm also retaking all the pictures in the J4JCharms shop.  Let me just say that the first time around that I did this it took me about a month of pictures and editing and posting... I have about a week to get it all done!!!!!!!!!  Not to mention revamping the whole look of all the shops and a brand new site coming soon!

So with all this going on, it's no wonder that I have been exhaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuusted. Not only have I been exhausted, but I have been neglecting my mental and physical health. 

So last week, I went to the chiropractor. My back has been killing me as I honestly don't have the best bench set up, but the sacrifices I'm making now, I'm sure will payoff in the long run, right?!  I'm addicted to the chiropractor now! It has not only made my back feel better, but my allergies are less sensitive, I'm having fewer headaches, and more energy! I suppose all those nerves really do need to fire on all cylinders!

I've also been ignoring a healthy diet for too long now! I don't believe in dieting, but rather just healthy eating habits.  I'm a vegetarian (ok pescatarian, aka I eat seafood), however this is easy to do unhealthy! Carbs, chips, whatever! Recently I've just been grabbing whatever it is that I can get into my tummy fastest, and getting back to work!

But this weekend I attempted to turn over a new leaf. It's something I've been thinking of doing for awhile now, but without serious commitment wasn't something I was sure I would keep with.  VEGAN! I know this lifestyle choice isn't for everyone, but for me it's going to be a perfect fit! Really, I'm not only trying to cut out meat, but most processed foods. I'm trying to be realistic, easing in, not cutting out every last drop  of dairy, but I am attempting to eat healthier.  Kale chips, salads, vegan sushi. I'm hoping that all of this will help my health both metally and physically.  We all know you are what you eat!

If you have any great FAST vegan recipies, tips or any helpful motivational tips PLEASE send them my way! I'm 3 days in and already feeling like I'll need help!