Sunday, February 26

Date Night....

Today was a weird day. I was met with a ton of great support, but while working on new items for the revamped Jonesing for Jewelry site, I just felt like nothing was going right. First my torch finally gave out and had to be replaced, then I ran out of fuel, it just went on and on from there. Over the years, I have found when things just aren't working, I have to step away and take a break.

So... we had a date night!  We rarely get this opportunity, but luckily enough my parents were graciously keeping Kaleb for the night.

It started at sushi.  When I first met Dave, the only fish he had eaten was good old Gordon's fish sticks.  After much convincing he tried sushi, and now I can't keep him away from it! This time we tried a new place, and it was SOOOOO good! As always we ordered way too much and stuffed ourselves! I got this great fortune in my cookie, and I thought about how I should be home working more on the new items! ;)

The new joint had super speedy service and so we ended up having a ton of time to kill before our movie.  We did a little shopping at a local discount store, and found this awesome candle holder... I had to have it! (I'm collecting fabulous things for my one day fabulous house!)

Then we went and saw Wanderlust.  I am a fan of the romantic comedies, AKA RO-CO's.  I joke (in a very serious manner) that I only watch movies with love actually in the title or smeared all over the description on the back. I have been laughing at all the Wanderlust previews over the past few weeks, and was so excited to find out that it was out.  For those of you wondering, it was a decent movie, but the previews I had already seen were pretty much the funniest parts, that's always a little depressing.

All in all, I came home refreshed and energized.  Can't wait to put in some more work tomorrow!

Good night!

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