Saturday, February 18

Kaleb-ism #32

Kaleb has a little handheld Leapster video game. Just in the past month or so has really started to enjoy playing it, and can play the games without too much help. This weekend he got a new game.... Tangled based on the Disney movie about Rapunzel.

At one point he has to move letters around to spell basic words. First he gets to saw, and he says, "saw, like you are sawing something in half or like you saw something before."

I of coarse swoon at how smart he is. Then he gets to over, and he says,"over, like I am over something because I don't want to do it or over like I'm on top of something." well I know what I am over....

... The cuteness if that little boy!!!!!


Sandy said...

aww so sweet. My grandson is smart too. lol

Debbie Pereira said...

Gets his intelligence from his two parents!