Monday, February 6

He has a 6th sense...

... it's called "the mommy got up" sense... ok so Kaleb's  normal routine is to sleep in his bed for a majority of the night. Dave leaves for work at about 5:30 and kisses each of us goodbye. Kaleb thinks that's his signal to get his morning chocholate milk and then move to Mommy and Daddy's bed. When I get up he is usually snoring loudly, but no matter how quiet I am, he is up within 5 minutes.  It's like he knows I'm  not there.  Well, last night was a doozie! Here goes....

8:00 p.m. Kaleb bedtime <--- he did NOT go down easy to say the least
8:50 p.m. Kaleb if finally staying in his bed, I am worn out so I go lay down
9:00 p.m. Kaleb opens his door to his room, and says...

 "Mommy, I don't hear you working. Are you in your bed?" 
"Yes I am."
"Can I come in there?"
 "I only sleep in my bed until you go to bed, then I can come in there."
I am so done fighting at this point, he makes his way to our bed. I think we're good for the night.

9:15 to 10:00 everyone trying to get comfortable <--- FYI a queen size bed is too small for 2 1/2 people.
10ish... everyone is asleep.
11:00 I wake up to the dogs scratching to go out.
11:15 I try and lay back down. <--- P.S. I get the middle spot. Getting in and out when you are sleepy is NO easy task
1:00 I can't get comfortable. Both boys are snoring, 2 1/2 people and now 2 dogs are trying to fit in a queen. I give up and move to the recliner.
1:15 I can't sleep in the recliner, I did miss this week's Teen Mom 2 <--- so glad it's OnDemand
1:30 Kaleb get's up <-- because he knows I'm not there... dang that 6th sense.
1:50 I get Kaleb settled in his bed after a drink of water and some convincing.
2:00 I can't leave Teen Mom 2 part way in, must finish eventhough my bed now has a perfectly good spot for me.
2:45 Ah... finally, my bed with just me and Dave
3:00 Kaleb moves to our bed <--- SERIOUSLY?! Ugh!
3:30 I move to Kaleb's  bed <--- Poor guy, I never realized how uncomfortable it is!
4:00 Kaleb move's to his bed! <---- I love him, but jeez just get away from me already! I'm tired!
5:15 Dave's alarm goes off and he won't shut it off
5:20 I get up and wake up Dave, and move to my bed <--- currently only has ME in it!
5:25 Kaleb comes in asking to put his spiderman costume on, and yes then gets in my bed.
7:00 I get up <--- I had to sleep in a little, I just had to!
7:05 Kaleb's 6th sense kicks in again... you know what happens

.... needless to say, I'm tired, and TONIGHT we are setting some stricter bed Mommy and Daddy bed rules.

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