Saturday, February 11

Dream style....

Someone asked me the other day, if I could build any style house, what would it be? (this is really an unattainable thought at this point in my life, but what does it hurt to dream right?)

Really, the answer is simple for me, I wouldn't build. I like history, maybe not the maintenance issues historical houses can come with, but at least the character. I like to come into a home knowing the people  before me loved it. They raised their families their, that the house protected them for all those years, and they lovingly allowed me the  opportunity to live in it. In a way house Karma, that I hope to one day be a part of.

With that said, I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, have left several times, and I always come running back.  Partly I have such a big family, they have their own gravitational pull, none of us seem to be able to leave for long.  But a lot of it is the beauty, the climate, the greenery, the mountains, the ocean, the air... I LOVE IT ALL! Plus the architecture is fabulous.

My favorite style is the Craftsman. You can see it everywhere in the PNW each a little different, all similar, ALL I LOVE!  If you could have any dream house what would it be?

Here's a few inspirational pictures...

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