Monday, February 13


I have always loved animals. Always felt a connection, wanted to care for them, and was deeply concerned for their well-being.

In college, I studied zoology, in hopes of following these dreams. I spent the last 8 years working hard trying to make those dreams a reality. I was fortunate enough to work with some of the most amazing animals, but unfortunately the field is very competative, and there came a point I had to really analyze my life and where I wanted to go.

I have been a creative soul all my life, but just over the past 4 years or so realized that it could be a viable option for me, and really a much better fit for the lifestyle I hope live than anything that I had come across  before. Maybe it took a little more maturing to be able self analyze this way, maybe I just never believed I could do it, whatever it was, I'm ready to take the plunge.

So yesterday, was my last day working for the zoo. I said goodbye to some of my favorite animals in hopes that in my spare time I can really push towards being a full time metalsmith. It's very bittersweet to me, although I have changed, and know that the path I am going down is the right choice, saying goodbye to a dream I have held onto for so long stings a little. It's also scary to think I have given up on something I worked so hard for, and traded it for something that I can only pray works out in the long run. Running your own business, learning the ins and outs, and riding this economy....

With all of that, I thank YOU for getting me to this place. For showing me my dreams are possible, and for supporting me along the way. 

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