Thursday, March 14

Listing Updates!

Well I started this business for a few reasons... all of them fun and inspiring. So I could stay home, do something I really enjoy... things like that.  I never said I wanted to quit my day job so I could update listings all day! It really might be the WORST part of it all, but hey every job has something, so I guess I'll quit complaining!

Listings are something that are never constant. There is always something that can be tweaked. New color pictures to be added, or wording that can be changed slightly.  I always have a running tab in my head of updates I'd love to make. But with over 300 listings in just the charm shop itself it's really an overwhelming task.

Anyways, I've been putting off really cleaning up my listings for awhile now, but as Mother's Day approaches it's closing in on the deadline.  I'm making adjustments on a few things...

REARRANGING:  I'm rearranging the layout of the items in the listing. I'm trying to put the things at the top that I get the most questions about, and also the parts of the information that are specific to the listing. By having the more generic information in one spot, when I go to edit the listings in the future this will save a ton of time.

RELATED ITEMS: I'm adding a section right up top with related items. For example on necklaces with standard font there will be a link to the same item with the upgrade to handwriting already included.  I know with over 300 listings it can be overwhelming to find what you need. I never mind answering questions or setting up custom listings, but by having this information in each listing I think it will help cut down on any frustration customers may have shopping.

HOW TO ORDER: Prior to this my "how to order" section was very generic and I tried to make it apply to each of the items. But with the addition of so many different add-ons not to mention things like the stacking birthstone rings not all the information is applicable. I'm hoping this cuts down on any confusion.


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