Thursday, March 7

A Boy and His Daddy

I'm sure this happens to everyone. I knew it was coming, but no matter how much I've thought about it there is just no preparing yourself for it. 

The deal is Dave is quickly becoming Kaleb's favorite.

Since the day that I got pregnant Kaleb has always needed me more. I've been his number one, but as he grows older I find that he's needing me less and less, and wanting Dave more and more.

I know it's not a competition. I know he'll always need his mother. I'm not here to be sad about losing my spot as number one (OK maybe a little), but just the transition itself is amazing to watch.

He used to care less if Daddy was home or at work, but now I can't go an hour without him asking for Daddy. 

We used to be able to go do special things together just the two of us, but now he wants to wait for Daddy.

I used to be able to answer all his questions, but now he tells me to call and ask Daddy.

We used to cuddle on the couch and watch cartoons, but now he just wants to watch Star Wars with Daddy.

I used to be able to play hours on end with him, but now he just wants to play rough with Daddy. 

I used to be the one to comfort him when he was scared, but now he asks for big strong "purple belt" Daddy.

It is what it is; life changes. I'm grateful that Kaleb has such an amazing Daddy to look up to and spend time with. I guess I need to find my new role in his life, in this family.

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