Thursday, August 16


Recently I posted a giveaway for a $100.00 gift certificate. I was only going to do it if we hit 1000 Facebook fans by the 15th.  It was touch as go for awhile there, but you guys pulled through in the past few days, and well I'm glad to say as of this post we have 1,032 fans!  Each of you 1,032 are awesome!

My little dream has grown tremendously over the past year and I really owe it all to you guys.  Not only your purchases, but your enthusiasm for the products, encouragement during this journey, and support when sometimes the road seems a little too rough! These giveaways are my way of thanking you for all that you guys do for me. A way to give a little back to the people that have given me something amazing... a dream come true!  Thank  you!

So.... with no further ado...

the winner is....


You have till Monday the 20th to email me at to claim your prize!

Thanks again everyone!

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