Saturday, August 11


Some ideas I have are ones I can move on quickly.  Others need to stew for awhile, be fine tuned and see if they really work.  This is one of those ideas.  I've had it since before J4JCharms was ever born, but it's just never quite been right.  Recently the idea of taking the J4JCharm idea in a vintage style direction has been growing.  I released a few of the vintage botanical print charms, vintage monogram letters and the hand made copper alphabet charms.  I released them in the charm shop. With the thought that depending on how they grew they would eventually grow into my 3rd shop.


Am I crazy?!

The reality is that this was also the way J4Jcharms was born. I released a few in the regular shop, but I envisioned so many options and items, plus their popularity was so huge that I knew having the shops together would be too overwhelming.  One of the number one tips to sellers is that your shop must be succinct, have an overall theme, and be well manicured.  Having my regular charm jewelry with kids names along side these vintage style ones feels off.

Above are some pictures of what the shop would carry, ideas I have, and stuff that's already on it's way to me (inlcuding those sweet little brass lockets and vintage keys!) Not only could I add more options for vintage botanical prints but also I'd look to add some other vintage images.  Plus I'd go on the hunt for some vintage encyclopedias or books that I could highlight vintage words or phrases.

It's still just an idea I'm throwing around.  All I really know is that after making the vintage botanical print charm with my copper "C" and little pearl I haven't worn anything else, and I can't wait to add some of these super sweet charms to a second, longer necklace. 

I guess I'll let it stew a little longer, or maybe go back to the good old pros and cons list?

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