Tuesday, August 21


Yes I live in the coffee capital of the US.  Yes I drink a lot of coffee.  Yes I'm addicted to Starbucks.  Yes Kaleb goes with me often and knows what a Chonga bagel is..... none of which I'm all that proud of, all of which are true.

Anyways, after swimming lessons today Kaleb asks if we could go.  The timing wasn't good and I'm ALWAYS trying to cut back.  In his attempt to convince me to go he says, "Do you know how Starbucks got it's name?"

"No Kaleb, tell me how?"
"You know Star because it's number one, and bucks because it costs a lot of money."

Seriously... he's 4... what next?!

P.S. On the way home he also asked if for his 11th birthday he could get a flip phone that opens up sideways for texting.

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