Sunday, November 2

Earn Your Wings

Proud doesn't begin to describe how I felt the past few days.

About a week ago, as we approached Kaleb's 7th birthday, I asked him what his goals were, what he wanted to be when he grew up, anything he wanted to accomplish over the next year.

His immediate response was, "I want to parachute."

And so, because we will do anything to make his dreams come true, we took him indoor skydiving.

He was the youngest one there by far, yet his fearlessness put him years beyond anyone in his group. I was amazed by his ability to go with the flow, follow instructions, and do something new on his own. 

As a parent, you hope that they flourish in this crazy life. The things I've seen from him in the past few weeks have blown me away. He'll go so far, and I'm so grateful to be able to stand by him on this journey.

Here's a few shots of my little champ flying. 

 ♥ Carin

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