Thursday, October 30


I've been eyeing a new cameral lens for awhile now. Pondering the exact right one to get. Taking lots of pictures everywhere I go, and experimenting with what I wish my current lenses were capable of doing. 

A few weeks ago I narrowed down my choice to the Tamron 17-50 2.8  

For those of you that are newer to the photography field, this lens is very similar to the lens that comes with the purchase of your camera body, called the kit lens. 

It is heavily debated if purchasing the lens is worth it considering their similarities. However for me, it's the idea of purchasing canned peaches vs. driving to Eastern Washington and picking them fresh during their  peak. No doubt in my mind, the quality and sharpness of the new lens was so worth it. 

I'm so lucky to live in such a beautiful place, that as soon as the mail man delivered it, I ran out to snag these shots. 

The inspiration around me is so saturated with beauty, color, and form. I can't wait to bring this back to the studio!

♥ Carin

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