Friday, October 24

Under the Same Moon //

We rise up from this Earth, from ashes which meld together. They combine effortlessly as they have done so many times before. Dancing and intertwining, the molecules bond with one another fitting like puzzle pieces. Eventually taking the physical shape of our human selves. We are all all made from the same dust. Those that have come before us, and those that are still to come. We are all particles of the same stars that exploded long ago. 

What makes us unique is how we live our days on this Earth. Our spiritual selves, our souls, our minds. What we think and how we feel. How we interact, and how we impact those around us. 

Our spiritual selves allow us to become more than just our bodies. We become sons and daughters, friends and lovers, parents and grandparents. We are now capable of feeling emotions. Hope and despair, courage and bravery.

But the biggest of all is love, and therefore loss. 

All of us have felt it. Maybe it's a soul gone away briefly. 

Maybe it's someone you've lost forever.

For me, I find peace in knowing that all the special souls that have impacted my life over the years, each and everyone of them, are still with me today. 

We will always and forever be on this Earth. We will always look up at the same moon at night. Wish upon the same stars. And, when our souls leave our bodies our physical form will return to the dust from which it came. The energy released to something else. 

Will will always be here. Always be together. United forever UNDER THE SAME MOON. 

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♥ Carin

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