Wednesday, October 22

Abundance //

I can barely hear my thoughts.
It's so loud now. 
It's hard to hear anything but the rain drumming down on the rich green earth, as I sit on my porch sipping tea. 

Millions of tiny drops, each with their own unique sound. As they pitter patter away, they meld together like a choir singing its most powerful ballad.

The noise is deafening, but beautiful. 

I'm focused on the rain now, as the wind blows a few stray drops towards me. Several of them landing on my uncovered face. 

They are colder than I expect. Piercing my skin with their frigidness, a foreshadowing of the winter to come. 

With no other distractions, I let myself sink into the rain, into the noise.  I notice subtleties about the day. It's fresh scent and the dampness of the air around me. 

I'm reminded of all the good the rain brings. 
How plentiful it is this time of year. 

The streams are rushing now.
The valleys splashing in mud.
The mountain tops getting their first blanket of crisp white snow.

It makes me happy to know there is an ample amount to go around.

Everything is prospering in it's glory.

And I think to myself, what a life it is to have and abundance of resources. 
Enough to prosper, but not in excess.

Enough to grow into your fullest, but not enough to spoil on the riches. 

What would the world be like? 
Would we see less loss? 
Less heartache? 

Maybe I'll know one day, but for now, I'll settle for a good rain, and the rest of my tea.

These one of a kind items are available in the here until sold.

♥ Carin

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