Thursday, October 16

Introspection //

There is a place inside you.... A place inside all of us. 

It's beautiful and mysterious. Only the bravest of us will ever get to see it and behold it's grandeur. 

The journey there can be frightening. There is no road, no path, and it's frequently dimly lit if not pitch black.   But in your heart, you know the risk is worth it. The payoff will be big.

Some people call this place, this thing, your soul while some prefer your true self. No matter the vocabulary, it is special.

Only you have a key. 

With no light to guide you, the journey seems impossible.  
The first steps are taken with caution. You stumble along the rocky landscape, and frequently you find the terrain too hard to manage. The steep slopes and sharp drops feel unconquerable.  So you search for a path to walk on, a place someone else has been. 

You find a place where the grass is slightly trampled, maybe there is even a trail. Your steps seem smoother now, it seems easier to manage. 

Your pace quickens.

Although you start to feel refreshed and rejuvenated with the new terrains, this feeling is temporary. An overwhelming sense of tired washes over you. 

After a few more steps, you realize you've been walking someone else's path. It did seem easier at first, but becoming someone else's true self will never quite fit. 

The journey will be harder, but you make the conscience choice to go back to finding your own way.  In the end it will be worth it.

Sometimes your soul is one needle in a whole forest. You might pick up 1,000 needles thinking it's the one. 

It can take days
 some people give up before they find it. 

But you know it's not about the timeline. It's about the journey and the reward.

You are courageous.


You will get there. 


 These pieces are glimpse into my soul. With no plan or layout, I let my hands work and my heart guide me. 

A snapshot of my true, authentic self. 

Misshapen circles, as I myself am always a little asymmetrical and different.
A thicker design for my depth, strength, and heightened awareness. 
Gold leafing showing my ability for continuous growth and change.
Perfect white pearls for clarity and truth.
Serious texture and dimension conveying the chaotic, passionate and creative being I am.
Plus overall beauty.

We are all beautiful.

You are beautiful.

♥ Carin

You can shop this jewelry here. 

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